Wednesday 11 December 2013

Grand Lodge support for Ligoniel brethren

Statement on behalf of the Orange Institution following a meeting of Grand Lodge in Eglinton, Co Londonderry, earlier today:

"The Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland reiterates its support for our brethren in north Belfast who have been prevented from peacefully completing their 12th July parade. 
Grand Lodge is disappointed that efforts to reach a resolution to this impasse, imposed by the Parades Commission at the behest of republicans, have not been successful to date. 
We commend the peaceful and democratic expression of protest against this draconian decision by an unrepresentative quango and would encourage the three Ligoniel lodges involved in this protest. 
We remember also our brethren at Drumcree, Dunloy and other areas who face cultural division as a result of the decisions of the Parades Commission and the opposition by republicans."


Edward Stevenson has today been re-elected as Grand Master of the Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland.

Members of the Order’s Grand Lodge met in Eglinton, Co Londonderry, and decided that the Tyrone farmer, 58, should remain at the helm of the Loyal Institution.

The Ardstraw man succeeded Robert Saulters as Grand Master in January 2011.

Mr Stevenson said it was a “great honour” to continue in his role.

He said:
“It is deeply humbling, and I am extremely proud, to once again receive the confidence of the membership of the Institution. I very much look forward to fulfilling the role of Grand Master to the best of my ability in the months ahead. 
“The past 12 months have undoubtedly been challenging for Orangeism and the traditions we hold dear – however, as we approach another New Year it is abundantly clear the Institution remains an integral part of the cultural fabric of this society.”

In early 2014, work is due to get underway on new Orange interpretative centres in Belfast and Loughgall, Co Armagh.

The Institution is also hopeful ongoing political talks, chaired by former US diplomat Dr Richard Haass, will find a lasting resolution to parade disputes.

Commenting on the Haass process, Mr Stevenson added:
“We prayerfully look forward to the abolition of the discredited Parades Commission, and its replacement with a better regulatory system which is just, fair and equitable. Such an alternative must be based on the principles of non-discrimination, equality, transparency and good administration.” 

Following the meeting, Grand Lodge also expressed concern at the recent sentencing of a bandsman who participated in the Ulster Covenant centenary parade in Belfast last year.

“As the organiser of the parade, we feel the sentence imposed was excessively stringent, particularly given the nature of the offence - that of simply playing traditional music,” the Loyal Order’s ruling body said.

“With this in mind, the Institution and its members await with interest the outcome of prosecutions – if indeed there are any – in relation to recent clear breaches of the law by senior Sinn Fein representatives. We trust those found guilty of much more serious crimes in the wider community will be dealt with in an equally rigorous manner.”

“While the Orange Institution always encourages individuals to abide by the law, it is also clear a small number of determinations are being ignored due to the increasingly bizarre and irrelevant decision process of the Parades Commission; the consequences of which are causing much angst within the Orange family.

“It is also important to note that last year’s Ulster Covenant centenary parade was a momentous day for the Loyal Orders and Unionism, with tens of thousands of people lining the streets of Belfast. Despite the huge logistical nature of the parade, it passed off peacefully and virtually without incident. Indeed, PSNI Chief Constable Matt Baggott referred to the ‘dignified’ nature of the historic event.”

Meanwhile, Rev Alistair Smyth was re-elected as Deputy Grand Master at the Grand Lodge meeting. Drew Nelson also retains his position as Grand Secretary of the Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland.

Friday 4 October 2013


Responding to the announcement by Secretary of State, Theresa Villiers, that there will be a new Parades Commission appointment process, an Orange Order spokesman said:

“The Orange Institution, along with the other Loyal Orders and marching bands fraternity, will shed no tears at the replacement of the current Parades Commission.
Its end of term report will make for abysmal reading, validating its lamentable record of failure as an unaccountable body ill-disposed towards the traditional Protestant parading sector.
We trust this appointment process will only be memorable in that it is the last by a serving Secretary of State. 
Rather than new personnel operating the same failed system, what is urgently required is the replacement of the Public Processions (Northern Ireland) Act 1998 with a better regulatory mechanism. 
By engaging positively in the Haass talks, the Orange Institution remains committed to finding a replacement to the Parades Commission. 
Parading policy and legislation must be based on civil and religious liberties for all and special privileges for none.”

Wednesday 2 October 2013


The County Grand Orange Lodge of Belfast has expressed dismay at the latest Parades Commission determination denying Ligoniel brethren from completing their traditional Twelfth parade.

A spokesman said: “The Twaddell Initiative outlined by the County Grand Orange Lodge of Belfast was a genuine and sincere attempt to resolve the current impasse, and reach an equitable solution allowing our Ligoniel brethren to complete their Twelfth parade in a dignified manner.

“It is shameful that the Parades Commission – who created the situation at Woodvale – choose to consistently deny civil and religious liberty for all in north Belfast, and blatantly ignore a commitment by the Institution to full and open dialogue with Ardoyne residents following the completion of this long-held and traditional parade.

Rather, they continue to consume only the republican narrative, succumb to the threat of violence posed by dissidents and in doing so have poisoned the positive atmosphere emanating from the Haass talks.

“However despite this setback, the Orange family and our Unionist partners involved in the Civil Rights Camp remain determined to peacefully and resolutely maintain the ongoing presence at Twaddell Avenue. The campaign will continue for the lodges to be allowed to go home.”

Saturday 28 September 2013


Ahead of the commencement of the Haass talks, the Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland has called upon members of the Orange Institution, and all believing Christians, to commit the following matters to prayer:-

Give thanks for the willingness of Dr Richard Haass to come and facilitate these talks. Pray that he may have the capacity to process several different and often conflicting viewpoints in a short time.

Pray for representatives of the Orange Institution and other Christians involved in these talks, that they may be granted courage, vigilance, wisdom and clarity of thought.

Pray that all the groups which give verbal and written submissions may be guided in what to say.

Pray that the atmosphere for talks between the various political parties may be positive.

Pray that the approach of those engaging in the talks may be constructive, rather than merely political point scoring.

Pray that there might be a willingness to seek genuine cultural accommodation in keeping with a shared future, rather than an attempt to further segregate society, and demonise opponents.

Pray that there is recognition the Parades Commission is a failed entity, and that any body which replaces it must be fair, transparent and accountable.

Pray that any attempt to deal with the past would be treated sensitively; would recognise the difference between the perpetrators of violence and the victims of violence; and that the families of innocent victims, including our 337 murdered brethren, would not be re-traumatised.

Pray for a sense of realism, both practically and politically.

Pray that progress may be achieved, at least to some degree.

Pray that all Christian people would lift their eyes from mere men to the living God and seek His blessing upon this island, both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland; and also upon the United Kingdom as a whole.

"...If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray      and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land." 
(2 Chronicles, chapter 7, verse 14)

Wednesday 28 August 2013


A LANDMARK Belfast Orange Hall has been subjected to a sectarian attack.

A number of paint bombs were thrown at Clifton Street Orange Hall, near Carlisle Circus in the north of the city, at around 7pm this evening.

It is the fifth time the hall has been attacked since July of last year.

Several meetings were taking place in the building – however, none were disrupted.

Belfast County Grand Master George Chittick condemned those responsible for the incident.

The senior Orangeman – who appealed for calm - claimed the attack was a “deliberate and obvious attempt to raise tensions” ahead of the Royal Black Institution’s Last Saturday parade in the area this weekend.

Mr Chittick also called on any witnesses to contact the police as a matter of urgency.

The Clifton Street incident is the 12th reported attack on Orange property so far this year and the third this month.

Saturday 17 August 2013


The Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland has welcomed the decision of First Minister Peter Robinson not to proceed with the development of a proposed conflict resolution centre at the site of the former Maze Prison.

Deputy Grand Master Rev Alistair Smyth said:

“The Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland has always maintained that the development of a so-called peace centre at the site of the former Maze Prison would serve to only deepen the trauma and prolong the healing process of the innocent victims of terrorism.
“This commonsense decision will be broadly welcomed across the wider Unionist family; but more importantly by those who suffered directly as the result of the vile terrorist campaign waged by republicans. Their resolve, dignity and quiet determination over recent months is to be greatly admired. 
“The Orange Institution, which has lost 337 brethren as a consequence of terrorism, consulted internally among our membership and directly with various victims’ groups on this deeply emotive issue. 
“From these conversations it was made abundantly clear those concerned will never countenance the prospect of a so-called peace centre at the very site, where those who inflicted nothing but anguish and sorrow upon the law-abiding majority, were quite rightly incarcerated for their horrific crimes. We make no apology for standing up for the rights and entitlements of innocent victims. 
“Rather than now engage in political point scoring, we would call on all our Unionist elected representatives to act in the best interests of those who have suffered most and unite in their resistance to the increasingly galling attempts by republicans to re-write history and glorify terrorism.”

Wednesday 7 August 2013

One Hundred Years on ... Wednesday, 6th August 1913

York LOL 145
Clifton St Orange Hall
6th August 1913

The usual monthly meeting of this Lodge was held on above date, and in the adsence of our W.M. the chair was occupied by Bro R H Taylor, and later by Bro Robert Dorman (FC) the Vice Chair being occupied by Bro Wm R Russell.

The Lodge was opened in prescribed form, and a portion of scripture read by Bro Robert Scott.

Withdrawal of Candidate

The minutes of previous meeting having been read and confirmed, Bro Harrision asked leave to withdraw the candidature of Bro W J Kenolty, which was granted.

Apologies Brothers Leathem and Davison

An apology was given for the Absence of Bro Leathem WM who was away on holidays, also for Bro Davison DM who was absent owing to illness.

Lodge Committee Report

A report of Lodge Committee meeting given by the secretary was adopted on the pro of Bro R Lougher sec'd by Bro R H Taylor, the recommendations were that W J B wilson be passed for Membership, and that Bro W J McGaughy OC LOL 987, be passed subject to Certificate. Bro Thos Boston's candidature being withdrawn by Bro R Lougher, Bro Ernest Linton certificate was granted (free, in lieu of Dues overpaid) to Newry District LOL on behalf of a new warrent for LOL 1111. Letters from GOL Ireland were read with reference to resignation of Bro W J Gillespie, and it was decided to leave the matter in the secretary's hands for settlement.

Bro Geo R Blacks Invitation

The committee reported that Bro George R Black had kindly invited the members of our lodge for their "afternoon sup" to his residence at Waringfield, Moira the invitation was cordially accepted, and Wednesday afternoon the 10th Sept was selected, the secretary to proceed with the usual arrangements in conection therewith.

The candidature of Bro James Kelly OC LOL 148, Ballinderry and held over from last meeting, was passed on the motion of Bro John Forsythe secd by Bro Joshua Tougher, his certificate having been forwarded to this Lodge.

A letter was read from LOL 1079, thanking this Lodge for the generous manner in which Bro Hugh Annesley's certificate had been granted.

Bro ALbert J Tasker PM LOL 45 London wrote thanking the Lodge for their kindness and courtesy to him on the 12th July and on the 12th July a telegram was received from "Ball", East Dulwich sending fraternal greetings and best wishes.

Widows Fund Subsriptions

This concluded report of Lodge Committee

Bro R H Taylor reminded the brethren that subscriptions to Loyal Orange Widows Fund were now due, and the secretary was instructed to have notification of same put on next lodge circular.


The folowing candidates and new members were proposed.

Bro Wm Rd Davison (Traveller) 14 Ratcliffe St. OC LOL 308, Lurgan
Pro by Bro W L Green, secd by Bro John Forsythe

J W Wm Jordan (Pawnbrokers Asistant) 25 Perth Street
Pro by Bro Joseph Davison, secd by Bro R Lougher

W Leonard Mills (Stores Clerk) 175 Woodstock Rd
Pro by Bro Joseph Davison, secd by Bro R Tougher

Bro Wm Caughey Jr (Clerk) 2 Fortwilliam View Ter OC LOL 1990, No 3 Dist.

This having concluded the buisness of our regular meeting. The Lodge was closed in due form, and afterwards re-opened on the Plain Purple to confer degrees.

Plain Purple Degree

The following brthren having been duly proposed and seconded, received the degree of plain purple.
Bros Madden, Agnew, Herbert Forsythe, John Martin, Jas Megarrell, John J Brown, J Harries, Jas Thorton, Robert Bradley, J C Gilbert, Chas McMurray, John A McMaster, and Edward Craig.

The lecturers Bros Brown and McGrath received a hearty vote of thanks for officating at very short notice.

There being no other business to transact on this degree, the lodge was closed in prescribed form.

God Save the King

Edward Lathem WM
John Sayers Secretary

Tuesday 23 July 2013


THE Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland has offered its best wishes to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge following the birth of their first child and future monarch.

Grand Master Edward Stevenson said:

“The Orange Institution is delighted by today’s wonderful news and on behalf of the entire membership I wish to convey our warmest congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on the birth of a baby boy.

We offer the Royal couple God’s richest blessing as they come to terms with parenthood and wish the new family unit health and happiness in the months and years ahead.

Amid times of austerity and economic gloom, the birth of a Royal baby who will one day succeed his father to the throne is welcome, inspirational and uplifting news. The new-born’s arrival will be celebrated across the whole of the United Kingdom, the Commonwealth and indeed the wider world.

Today’s announcement will be met with great joy particularly here in Northern Ireland, where the Royal family is held in such high esteem and unrivalled affection. Members of the Orange fraternity around the globe, including the Republic of Ireland, will also be heartened by this magnificent news.

On such an historic occasion, the future monarch and entire Royal family are assured the continued prayerful support, service and loyalty of the Orange Institution. God Save The Queen.”

Wednesday 17 July 2013


In 2006 the Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland stated publicly that it would enter into dialogue with the Government and others as necessary to find an alternative to the Parades Commission. 

In 2007 the Institution played a full role in the Strategic Review of Parades. Chaired by Paddy Ashdown, an Interim Report was published, but a final report was never agreed, as the political context changed.

The issue of moving the parading agenda forward passed to the First Minister and Deputy First Minister following the signing of the Hillsborough Agreement in February 2010. The Institution played its full role in assisting the drafting of legislation regarding parades at this time.

We are presently working with our partners in the Unionist Forum to address the issue of parades and have always made it clear that the Orange Institution has been and is committed to finding a replacement to the Parades Commission, based on the principles of non-discrimination, equality, transparency and good administration.

Parading policy and legislation must be based on civil and religious liberties for all and special privileges for none.

The Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland will willingly and actively participate in the Haass Initiative with a view to replacing the Public Processions (Northern Ireland) Act 1998 with a better regulatory system.

We believe that it is vital that the bands community and the other Loyal Orders being the Independent Loyal Orange Institution, the Apprentice Boys of Derry, the Royal Black Institution, the Association of Loyal Orangewomen of Ireland, the Junior Orange Association, the Junior Orangewomen’s Association and the Royal Arch Purple Institution are involved in this process. All of them are also targeted by the present regulatory system.

Monday 15 July 2013

Statement on 12th July Parades Determination Crisis

The County Grand Orange Lodge in Belfast seeks to clarify events concerning the 12th July surrounding the illogical decision by the Parades Commission.

The Orange Institution was consistent and unambiguous in their appeals that violence had no place at the planned protests. The considerable anger expressed by the entire Protestant Unionist and Loyalist community, which the Secretary of State acknowledged was there; an anger that emanated from the fact the Commission rewarded violence and an anger that needed channelled into peaceful expression. Therefore following meetings with the local lodges, community, politicians and our partners in the Belfast Parades Forum it was decided to mount a protest at the location where the parade would be halted on the Woodvale Road and at other parts of the city.  There was never any appeal for people to join those protests.

Woodvale Road
In respect of the proposed protest at Woodvale Road, when the local lodges arrived there was already a large crowd assembled. There were stones thrown at the police and within a short space of time water cannons were deployed and plastic bullets fired without warning into the large crowd. Those who had come for a peaceful protest were soaked and injured, leading to anger amongst many of those gathered. Orangemen and Politicians tried to calm the situation down, and we pay tribute to Nigel Dodds, local politicians and other partners from the Belfast Parades forum,– not only for their work at this protest, but also at several other times throughout the day. It was agreed with the police that if the violence stopped, they would facilitate the protest, unfortunately this could not be achieved, because of the anger of the crowd at the robust police action from the outset.  The protest was suspended at 12.55am on 13th July by the Brethren of the Ligoniel Lodges.

East Belfast
The violence in East Belfast was not as a result of any protest action. A police land rover, believed to be gathering evidence for the Parades Commission, caused the parade to stop on several occasions as it progressed along the Newtownards Road. Attempts to contact senior police officers by several community representatives to have the matter resolved quickly, failed as PSNI phones were not answered. At this stage there was a premeditated and sustained attack on the parade from the Short Strand area. Paint bombs, stones and bottles rained down on the participants and spectators, many were injured several of them requiring hospital treatment, one young bands women has a suspected fractured cheekbone; another female received 10 stitches to a leg wound; a full list of casualties is being collated.  The onslaught left young children and many spectators traumatised. Considerable damage was also caused to banners and band uniforms as the parade returned home through what had become a riot. The riot was clearly the responsibility of those from the Short Strand who attacked the parade and its supporters.

Orangemen and bandsmen returned to the Newtownards Road to protest. There were still a few masked youths attacking police. The protest placed itself at police lines and the rioting stopped, sporadic stoning incidents were condemned and stopped by protestors. However, after a period, stone throwing again started and the protest was halted.

Peaceful protests were held at the following locations, without incident.
Twaddell Avenue
Carlisle Circus
Hesketh Road
Ballygomartin Road
Flax Street
Clifton Park Avenue
Albertbridge Road

Attacks on Parade
Ballynafeigh District were attacked with eggs and bottles in the morning at Agincourt Avenue as they made there way to join the main parade. Two young girls and two band members were hit with missiles. The police protection normally present at this location was absent.

Sandy Row District was attacked with missiles from Peter’s Hill as they paraded along the Shankill Road in the morning on route to Carlisle Circus. One member was injured.

Lodges at Lancaster Street, York Street junction were attacked by Nationalists throwing bricks and bottles on two occasions, one bandsman was injured. Hand to hand fighting was taking place as those on parade defended themselves before police arrived.

The PSNI have serious questions to answer, not least, with so many police officers available, why were they unable to stop clearly orchestrated attacks; and in the case of the Short Strand, a prolonged attack lasting over 30 minutes along the length of the Peace Wall.  The Secretary of State needs to reflect on the Parades Commission, the body that created this crisis, rather than further alienating the Unionist community by ill informed comments.

The violence, which we condemn, cannot be used as an excuse for not addressing the issues that have been raised by this ludicrous determination, a shared future, community relations and Nationalist’s intolerance. Issues that require a political response and solution.

There will be the blame game and point scoring by all for the events that unfolded, however the Orange Institution will not be scapegoated for where the responsibility for this crisis truly lies - at the door of the Parades Commission.

It was always recognised that politics would be the ultimate solution and in that respect we welcome the recall of the Assembly.  We will review our position regarding peaceful protest after the debate there and following further discussions with our political and community partners. We again reiterate, violence is not the way forward and ask all involved in such activity to stop immediately.

Tuesday 9 July 2013

Talks with the Crumlin and Ardoyne Residents Association

The County Grand Orange Lodge of Belfast would like to thank the Brethren and community representatives who were involved in talks with Crumlin and Ardoyne Residents Association. 

The talks, which were lengthy and lasted over two days, were comprehensive and frank. The local Lodges explained their position with regard to the parade along the Crumlin Road on the Twelfth morning and evening. Those present also articulated the interests of the local unionist community and discussed issues expressed by nationalist residents, as the delegation sought to understand why the parade was opposed.

The local Lodges are willing to continue with the engagement should it be helpful to address genuine issues and concerns. In taking this historic step to engage, the County Grand Orange Lodge of Belfast, their community and political partners sought to build on the spirit of the ‘Comprehensive Template’, which has been delivered in full.

We believe all steps possible have been taken by the Orange family to ensure a peaceful Twelfth for those who parade and protest along the Crumlin Road.

Wednesday 3 July 2013

One Hundred Years On ... Wednesday, 2nd July 1913

July 1913 Minutes (PDF)
York L.O.L. 145
Clifton St Orange Hall
Belfast 2nd July 1913

The usual monthly meeting of this Lodge was held on the above date. The W.M. Bro E Leathem presided, and Bro Joseph Davidson D.M. occupied the vice-chair.

The Lodge having been opened in prescribed form and a portion of scripture read by the chaplain, Bro Rev Dr Walker, the secretary read the minutes of previous meeting which were confirmed.

Lodge Com. Report

A report of Lodge Committee meeting was read and the candidates Bro Kelly and Whitten were held over to our next meeting their being no report on them.

Reinstatement Bro Clements & Mills

The committee recommended that Bro Isaiah Clements be reinstated for 10/”, Bro Taylor proposed and Bro Joseph Davison seconded that this recommendation be adopted, was passed unanimously as was also Bro Hugh Mills for the same sum on the proposal of Bro R Scott, seconded by Bro Joseph Davison, Bro Mills to be proposed in District once readmission after 2nd term of suspension.

Certificate Bro A Courtney

Bro  J Davison proposed that the certificate of Bro A Courtney be granted to LOL 1213 for the sum of dues and certificate 2/6 subject to return of white sash or its value 7/6, seconded by Bro R Scott and passed.

Certificate Bro William Molyneaux

The committee recommendation to the application for Bro Wm Molyneaux Certificate that if be granted for dues of and cost 2/6, subject to proposition for readmission after 2nd term suspension being proposed by Grand Lodge and to be proposed by LOL 740, notice of same being given our lodge, Bro Joshua Lougher proposing and Bro Joseph Davison seconded that this be adopted. Passed.

Deacon Pole Bearers 12th July

The committee recommendation that Bro Russell and Taylor take charge of Deacon Poles and appoint their assistants, was passed unanimously.

Visiting Brethren

Two visiting Brethren were announced and on the proposal of Bro R Lougher seconded by Bro Charles Kirkwood.
Bro Stewart, WM No 4 LOL New South Wales, and
Bro Wm J Whiteside LOL No 7 New York
Were admitted and received a very hearty welcome, the WM conveying the greetings of our Lodge to the visitors.


The following candidates were initiated into the Loyal Orange Institution: Messers Alfred Milligan, John H Kyle, Ernest Chambers, Wm Atkinson, Wm McMurray, Albert McCullough and Alex Tipping; Bro Joshua Lougher, Charles Kirkwood, Wallace Linton and Robert Scott, acting as sponsors.

Admitted O C

Bro Alex McKee O C LOL 940 Gilford, was admitted on Transfer.

Anniversary Service St Barnabas Church

The WM now appealed to every member of the Lodge to attend Divine Service on Sunday 6th inst, in St Barnabas Church at 3:30 PM under the auspices of No 3 District and he further appealed that the members would by their attendance at 12th July Celebration in Craigavon be making History, and he hoped that this Demonstration would show to our Lead, Sir Edward Carson, that the Orangemen of Belfast could always be relied upon to support him in his fight for our Civil & Religious Liberty.

UVF Parade

Bro R Lougher requested all those who had signed the Ulster Volunteer Force Form to attend a Parade on Saturday the 5th inst, and gave further particulars.

The WM having to retire the chair was reoccupied by the DM Bro Joseph Davison.

Application “Bro Joseph Graham Cert”

An application was read from LOL 2097 Toronto for the Certificate of Bro Jospeh Graham, proposed by Bro Taylor and seconded by Bro R Lougher, that secretary forward same free. Passed.


The following candidates and new members were proposed:
W James Bryan Wilson (Motor Engineer) 132 Madrid St
Proposed by Bro Hugh Lougher, Seconded by Bro David Mateer
Bro W J Kenolty (Grocer) 86 Blythe St, OC LOL 592
Proposed by Bro V Harrision, Seconded by Bro R Scott
Bro W J McGaughey (Salesman) 71 Lomand Ave OC LOL 987
Proposed by Bro Rowland Haye, Seconded by Bro Joseph Davison
Bro Thos Boston (Salesman) 104 York St, OC LOL 204 Lurgan
Proposed by Bro R Lougher, Seconded by Bro Dr K Kempston

This having concluded the business, the Lodge was closed in due form.

God Save the King

Richard H Taylor WM (acting)
John Sayers, Secretary

Tuesday 4 June 2013

One Hundred Years On ... Wednesday, 4 June 1913

June 1913 Minutes (PDF)

York L.O.L. 145
Clifton Street Orange Hall
Belfast, 4th June 1913

The usual monthly meeting of this Lodge was held on the above date, Bro Edward Leathem W.M. occupied the chair, and Bro Davison D.M. the vice-chair.

The Lodge was opened in prescribed form, and Bro Rev Dr Walker read a portion of scripture.

The minutes of previous were read and passed.

Lodge Committee Report

A report of the lodge committee meeting held on 2nd inst was read by secretary, and they recommended for membership Messrs Albert Tipping, Ernest J. Chambers, William Murray, John H Kyle, Wm Atkinson, Alfred Milligan and Alex McCullough, also Bro Alex McKee, Bro Arthur Thompson and Bro Joseph Gilbert subject to receipt of certificates.
Bro Taylor pro, and Bro Harrison secd committee recommendations be adopted. Passed.

Dinner on 12th July

The report of such committee to arrange dinner on 12th July was given by secretary, who informed the lodge that they had engaged Dundela Mission Hall, there being no place available at Craigavon, also that Bro Robert Scott would cater as on previous occasions. Bro Davison pro and Bro Taylor secd that the best thanks of the Lodge be given the committee for their labours. Passed.

Bro Forsysthe and Walshe reported having attended a meeting of the East Antrim Rifle Club, and were appointed on the committee, it was resolved that the support of the Lodge be given to this Club.

Bro Annesleys Cert

The committee recommended that the application from Belgravia L.O.L. 1079 for Bro Hugh Annesley certificate be granted for 6/” (Dues 3/6 and Cert 2/6) passed.

Appeal Derriaghy L.O.L. 135

And that the appeal from Derriaghy L.O.L. 135 for assistance in erecting an Orange Hall, be acceded to. Bro Davison pro, and Bro R Lougher secd that Lodge subscribe 10/”. Passed.

Anniversary Services

It was resolved on the motion of Bro Lougher secd by Bro Sayers that we attend Devine Service under the auspices of No 3 District L.O.L. on Sunday the 6th July and that as many members as can attend the anniversary service on Sunday 29th June at 11-30 am in ST Mary Parish Church under the auspices of L.O.L. 1033, will do so.

New Collarettes R.A.P.C.

The recommendation of committee that the Lodge purchase 50 collarettes for R.A.P. Chapter 145, as per sample from Bro Wm Birdgett, @ 2/4 each was passed on the proposition of Bro Sayers secd by Bro John R Gasey. Said colarettes to be 1 3/8 yards and “York R.A.P.C. 145” be embroidered in silk on them.

This finished Lodge committees report and recommendations.


The following candidates being present were initiated as members of this Loyal Orange Institution, the Rev John H Spratt and W John B Wilson.


Bro Arthur Yorall, Bro John Yorall and Bro Robert Chambers on Transfer Certificates were enrolled as members of the Lodge.

R.A.P.C. Degree Meeting

The WM requested that all the brethren not having received the Arch Purple Degree would attend the meeting of the Arch Purple Chapter on Thursday Evening first.

Bro Molyneaux’s Certificate

An application was recd from L.O.L. 740 for the Certificate of Bro Wm Molyneaux, Bro Dr Walker pro, and Bro C Kirkwood secd that this be left over for report of Lodge Committee. Passed.

Sir Edward Carson Defence Fund

It was announced that the subscriptions to the Sir Edward Carson Defence Fund, should be paid at once as the Collectors Bro Linton and Hodgen were anxious to hand in the subscriptions at an early date.

Letter of Thanks

Letters were received from Bro Rev Dr Walker, and Bro George Hawthorne, thanking the Lodge for their letters of sympathy and condolence in their recent bereavement.

Re-Admission Bro Isiah Clements

Bro Thos Johnston pro and Bro Walshe secd that Bro Isiah Clements be re-instated fro 6/” after some discussion, the matter was referred to Lodge committee for Report.

Notice of Motion

The notice of motion standing in Bro Taylors name was taken up, Bro Taylor in proposing his motion asked leave to amend same by altering the word ‘affiliation’ to ‘transfer’ which was granted. The motion being seconded by Bro Joshua Tougher was discussed at considerable length and finally was withdrawn by Bro Taylor.


The following new members were proposed on transfer.
Bro James Kelly (Dairyman) Old Park Road, O.C. L.O.L. 148 Ballinderry
Pro by Bro John R Gracy, secd by Bro Chas Kirkwood
Bro Hamilton Robert Whitten (Clerk) 91 Bloomfield Ave, O.C. L.O.L. 395, Kinlough Co. Leitrim
Pro by Bro Wm Russell, secd by Bro John Allen

Douglass Excursion

The Excursion committee reported that they had charter the Empress Queen for the Annual Excursion to Douglas on Monday the 14th July, and that owing to a considerable increase in charter money the price of the tickets would have to be raised to 4/6. The W.M. expressed the opion that he was sure the Lodge was satisfied with the committees actions.

This concluded the business of the Lodge which was closed in due form.

God Save the King

Edward Lethem W.M.

John Sayers Secretary

Tuesday 7 May 2013

One Hundred Years On ... Wednesday, 7 May 1913

May 1913 Minutes PDF

York L.O.L. 145
Clifton St Orange Hall
Belfast 7th May 1913

The usual monthly meeting of this Lodge was held on above date. Bro Edward Leathem W.M. presided and Bro Joseph Davison, D.M. occupied the Vice Chair.

The Lodge was opened in prescribed form and a portion of scripture read, the minutes of previous meeting were read and passed.

Report Lodge Committee Candidates

The report of Lodge committee was read by the secretary, a favourable report being recd on the candidates Rev J H Spratt and Mr John Wilson, also on Bro W B Hunter who was held over from previous meeting, it was passed on the committee’s recommendation that these names be sent forward to District for membership.

Expulsion Bro R Haskin

The committee had under their consideration a complaint against Bro Robert Haskin, 75 Carmel St that he had identified himself with the Gailic League and kindred societies, and was summoned to attend Lodge to show cause why expulsion or suspension should not be passed on him as he had informed Bro Turkington that he would not appear, neither would he sever his connection with these societies, the committee unanimously recommend he be expelled our institution. Bro R Tougher pro and Bro Storey secd “That he be expelled”. Passed.

Report Regalia Stewards

The Regalia stewards reported having examined the Lodge sashes and found only 49 in stock, the balance could only be partly accounted for, as owing to the members exchanging sashes, it was impossible to keep a count and they also had selected a number which were soiled to be cleaned and re-done up; there were also a number in the possession of members who were suspended, others had emigrated and about 130 out of 150 were traceable. Bro R H Taylor pro and Bro Forsythe secd that report be received and that secretary order 3 doz sashes at once. Passed.

No 3 District Benevolent Fund

Bro R Tougher reported that No 3 District L.O.L. had revived their Benevolent Fund, and requested that each Lodge should subscribe 1/= per month to same, the committee unanimously recommended that this should be done. Bro McKinney pro as an amendment that we subscribe 2/= per month this being secd by Bro Farr, was passed (by 25 votes to 23).

Committee 12th July Dinner

The committee recommendation that the arrangement for dinner on 12th July be left in the hands of Bro Scott, R Lougher, Dorman and Sayers was Passed unanimously.

Letters of Sympathy

Bro Joseph Davison pro and Bro R Scott seconded that letters of sympathy and condolence be sent to Bro Rev Dr Walker, on the death of his sister, also to Bro George, Edmund and Vic Hawthorne on the death of their father. Passed.


The following candidates being in attendance were duly initiated as members of the Loyal Orange Institution, Bro John Forsythe and Charles Kirkwood acted as sponsors. James Gow, Wm Adams, John Corker, Robert Crawford, Joseph E Harris, Victor Curry, Wm J R McCord, Herbert Stewart as the following on Certificate Bro Wm O’Hara, Wm J Gowdy, Thos Agnew and David D Madden.

East Antrim R.C.

A letter from the acting secretary of the East Antrim Rifle Club was read, notifying the opening of the season and requesting a large attendance of our members.

The W.M. having to retire the Chair was re-occupied by Bro Davison D.M.

Bro Joseph Grahams Letter

A letter was read from Bro Joseph Graham, who was now in Toronto, wishing good Luck to the Lodge, and all his old friends and informed them he was doing well.

U. V. Force Forms

The W.M. Bro Davison requested that any members holding U. V. Force Forms would return them at once, as 8 were still short and also made an earnest appeal to the members for subscriptions to the “Carson Defence Fund”.

Bro Adderly and Turly

The summons sent to Bro Adderly and Turly re their suspension, was held over for another month.

Report Annual Reunion

The report of Annual Social committee was again held over, owing to non-payment of tickets.

The W.M. Bro Leathem having returned, now reoccupied the Chair.

Notice of Motion Bro R H Taylor

Bro R H Taylor handed in Notice of Motion, - “That all members joining this Lodge on affiliation from any Lodge, uner the jurisdiction of Co Gd Lodge of Belfast, pay a Transfer fee of 5/=”.


The following Candidates and New Members were proposed and to remain on our books for the usual time, and committees report.

Alexander Tipping (Collar Cutter) 121 Crimca St and c/o Porers, Ahnes St.
Pro by Bro John Sayers, secd by Bro Leathem

Bro Alexander McKee, (Hacklemaker) 121 Westmoreland St. o.c. L.O.L. 940 Gilford Co. Down
Pro by Bro Joshua Tougher, secd by Bro J. L. Robinson

Ernest Chambers (Clerk) 123 Antrim Rd and c/o Clyde Shipping Co
Pro by Bro W H McIlroy, secd by Bro Thos H Farr

Bro Arthur Thompson (Printer) 17 Castlereagh Place, o.c. L.O.L. 1934 No. 6 District.
Pro by Bro John Allen, secd by Bro Wm Russell

Wm Murray (Joiner) 48 Glenallen Street
Pro by Bro Wm R Russell, secd by John Allen

John H Kyle (Upholsterer) 127 Bray St. amd c/o M Mayers
Pro by Bro John L Brown, secd by Bro Wallace Linton

Wm Atkinson (Upholsterer) 6 Florida St, and c/o J Arnott & Co.
Pro by Bro Robert Michell, secd by Bro John Sayers

Bro Joseph S Gilbert (Druggist) 112 Grosvenor St, and c/o 132/134 Grosvenor St
Pro by Bro James McGarrell, secd Bro John Martin

Alfred Milligan (Wacherman) 8 Cooke St, and c/o Thos Somerset
Pro by Bro Jospeh Davison, secd by Bro John Forsythe

Albert McCullough, (Dairyman) up Ballysillan
Pro by Bro Robert Scott. Secd by Bro R Lougher

No further business begin to transact the Lodge was closed in due form

God Save the King

Edward Leathem W.M.

John Sayers Secretary

Thursday 25 April 2013

One Hundred Years On ... Wednesday, 2nd April 1913

April 1913 Minutes

York L.O.L. 145
Clifton St Orange Hall
Belfast 2nd April 1913

The usual monthly meeting of this Lodge was held on above date, Bro Joseph Davison D.M. presiding and Bro Taylor occupied the Vice Chair.

The lodge having been opened in prescribed form and a portion of scripture read by Bro Storey, the minutes of the previous meeting were read and adopted.

Apology Bro. Leathem WM, Thanks Bro Tougher and Magill

The D.M. apologised for the absence of Bro Leathem our W.M. and Bro Robert Tougher thanked the Lodge for their letter of sympathy and condolence to himself and his family on their recent sad bereavement, and Bro E S Magill sent a letter of thanks for the sympathetic letter on the death of his father.

Lodge Coms Report

A report of the Lodge commite was read, and on the proposition of Bro Robert Tougher, secd bt Bro Forsythe the report on candidates proposed at our last meeting was passed, that of Bro W B Hunter held over for one month.

Subscription L.O.L. 502 Ardstraw

The committe recommended that a subscription of 10/6 be sent L.O.L. 502 Ardstraw Co Tyrone, Bro Hugh Tougher pro and Bro McKenrey secd that this be increased to 20/=. Passed.

Resignation Bro John Clements

A letter was read from Bro Wm Calvert explaining that the resignation of Bro John Clements should have been reported when his dues were cleared in January and requested the Lodge to accept his resignation as from that date. Bro Storey pro and Bro Forsythe secd that his resignation be accepted. Passed.

Collecting Cards Carson Defence Fund

The recommendation of committee re Collecting Cards for teh “Carson Defence Fund” was adopted on the Pro of Bro R Tougher secd bt Bro Taylor, and Bro Hodgen and Wallace Linton were appointed as Collectors. The sum of £1=17=6 pd as G.O.L Levy in January being handed thus and to be credited to the respective members having paid same.

Bros Aderley and Turley

Bro Hugh Tougher pro and Bro Taylor secd, that secretary write Bros Aderley and Turley who had been re-instated for 10/= that unless the amount be paid, the resolution re-instating would be rescinded, and 2nd term suspension would become effective. Passed.

Subscription Co Vig Com

Bro Hodger pro and Bro Sayers secd that the annual subscription of £1 =/= to Vigilance Committee be paid. Passed.

The secretaries for the annual re-union reported that owing to the non-return of tickets and cash they were unable to make a final report.

Anniversary Service L.O.L. 866

An invitation was received from L.O.L. 866 to attend Divine Service in the Ulster Hall on Sunday, 1st June next @ 3.30 p.m. and was marked “read”.

Admission of Bro Ed Bradshaw

A cordial reception was given to Bro Edward Bradshaw O.C. from L.O.L. 181.


Rev John H Spratt ( H Banks Church) 5 Rosemount Gardens
Proposed by Bro R Tougher, secd by Bro Joseph Davison
W John B Wilson (Fitter) 35 Salsbury Street
Proposed by Bro Wallace Linton, secd by Bro Thos Wilson.

This concluded the business of the Lodge, which was then closed in prescribed form, the Deputy Master extending hearty invitation to all present to join the Drilling in the Large Hall as the business was shortened to allow all to attend.

God Save the King

Edward Leathem W.M.
John Sayers Secretary

Monday 22 April 2013

County Grand Orange Lodge of Belfast - 150th Anniversary Service

Upcoming Church Service Parade

City of Belfast Loyal Orange Widows Fund Service
Inc. County Grand Orange Lodge of Belfast - 150th Anniversary Service
Sunday, 28 April 2013
Service in Westbourne Presbyterian Church, Newtownards Road, 3:00 p.m.
Assemble Hopewell Avenue at 2:00 p.m. for parade at 2:15 p.m. sharp.

Monday 11 March 2013

Annual St. Patrick's Church Service

Upcoming Church Service Parade

Annual St. Patrick's Church Service (Nelson Memorial Presbyterian)
Sunday, 17 March 2013
Assemble in Hopewwell Avenue at 2.15 p.m. for 2:30 p.m. parade.

Tuesday 5 March 2013

One Hundred Years on ... Wednesday, 5 March 1913

York L.O.L. 145
Clifton St Orange Hall
Belfast, 5th March 1913

The usual monthly meeting of this lodge was held on above date, Bro Edward Leathem W.M. presided and Bro Joseph Davison D.M. occupied the Vice Chair and was opened in prescribed form, Bro J A Donnelly having read a portion of Scripture, the minutes of previous meeting were read and passed.

Bro Linton’s letter of thanks

A letter of thanks was read from Bro Wallace Linton thanking the Lodge for their letter of sympathy in his recent sad bereavement.

Lodge comm’ Report

A report of Lodge committees meeting was read and their recommendations, as follows were passed (Candidates) Bro W J Wilson, Robert Chambers, Wm O’Hara, and Edward Bradshaw on the proposition of Bro Davison D.M., sec by Bro Taylor.

Appeal L.O.L. 502 Ardstraw

Appeal from L.O.L. 502 Ardstraw was referred back to committee on pro of Bro Sayers, sec by Bro Taylor.

Appeal L.O.L. 1941 Carnmoney

Appeal from L.O.L. 1941 Carnmoney marked “read”.

Invitation from L.O.L. 392 Maghermore to attend opening ceremony on Ester Monday, inst, was left to the favourable consideration of the members.

“Presentation Collar” to Bro Geo Millar

Bro George Millar was presented with a Collarette at Committee meeting, by Bro Davison D.M. on behalf of the Lodge, on the eve of his departure for Canada, Bro Millar suitably replied.

GOLI Emergency Fund “Refunded”

The subscriptions paid into the GOLI Emergency Fund by the members during the past year, having been returned to District, was now ordered to paid into the Sir Edward Carson Defence Fund, on the proposition of Bro Davison, sec by Bro Robert Lougher, the said Emergency Fund being now closed.

“Widows Concert Tickets”

The unsold tickets for Orange Widows Fund Concert was on the pro of Bro Sayers sec by Bro Joshua Lougher, order to be paid for out of Lodge Funds.

“U. V. Force” Declaration Forms

The Declaration Forms for the Ulster Volunteer Force were handed to the members, who enthusiastically subscribed their names to same, a further supply to be got for next meeting.

Douglas Excursion

The secretary was instructed to have the usual application made to the I.O.M. S.S. Co, for a steamer on 14th July next on the proposition of Bro Wallace Linton seconded by Bro Joshua Lougher.

“Band 12th July

The secretary reported that he had concluded an agreement with the Central Unionist Club Brass and Reed Band, to accompany our Lodge on 12th July next, for the Sum of Twelve Pounds and Refreshments.

“Drill Meetings”

The W.M. explained that the District had arranged for Drill meetings to be held on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Wednesdays of March, April and May, and hoped that our members would attend in large numbers.

“Presentation Collars” to Bro Curry and Graham

The W.M. at the part of the meeting presented to Bro Chas Curry, a Collarette on behalf of the Lodge and wished him every success in Canada to which he was going, at an earlier part of the meeting Bro Sayers said that a few of the members wished to give Bro Curry a further token of their esteem, and asked permission to receive subscriptions from those willing to participate in this movement, the W.M. granted the permission requested of.

Letters of condolence, Bro Lougher, Magill and Lewell

Letters of condolence were ordered to be sent to Bro R laugher, Bro E. J. Magill and Bro Robert Lewell in their sad bereavements.

“Visitor” Bro Rev Robinson Canada

Bro Rev Robinson from Canada, was an entertaining visitor during the evening, and received from the W.M. a very hearty welcome on behalf of the Lodge, Bro Robinson appropriately replied.

Annual Social

The W.M. also congratulated the Lodge on the success of their annual social, which he believed was a record for attendance, and he was delighted to know that it was such a splendid success, as everyone present had apparently enjoyed all the good things that were provided, he hoped that the members would further assist the committee by making their returns at the earliest moment.


The following candidates and new members were proposed and to remain on our books for report of committee for the usual time.

Wm H McGowan (Jeweller) 248 Woodstock Road
Pro by Bro John Sayers, sec by Bro Val Harrison

Bro John McSorley (Bank Porter) 16 Shubrook St oc L.O.L. 149 No 1 Dist.
Bro Frank Rea (Engineer) 18 Hastings St “ “ “ “
Bro David Maddon (Brass Founder) 58 Townsend St “ “ “ “
Bro Theo Agnew (Brass Finisher) 41 Upper Townsend St “ “ “ “
Bro Wm B Hunter (Shop Assistant) 31 Clifton Drive “ “ “ “
Pro by Bro Val Harrison, sec by Bro John Sayers

Bro Wm John McCormick, (Clothier) 7 Pakenham St, on application from L.O.L. 56 Portadown
Pro by Bro Wallace Linton, sec by Bro John Sayers

Victor Curry (Gasfitter) 80 Northbrook St
Pro by Bro Theo Johnston, sec by Bro John Sayers

Wm Foreman, (Linen Merchant) 31 Landseer St
Pro by Bro Wm L. Gilpin, sec by Bro Bro Theo Johnston

John Corker (Book-keeper) 68 Willowbank St
Pro by Bro Joseph Davison, sec by Bro R H Taylor

Wm J. Reid McCord, (Fitter) Glenmount Cottage, Carnmoney Road
Pro by Bro A. S. Turkington, sec by Bro John Forsythe

James Gow (Joiner) 10 Rosapenna St
Pro by Bro James Graham, sec by Bro John Forsythe

Bro John Yorall, 5 Corn Market, OC from LOL 457, No. 10 Dist
Bro Arthur Yorall, 14 Chilworth, Stranmillis Rd, OC “ “ “
Pro by Bro R. J. Harper, sec by Bro John Sayers

Bro Robert Bradley (Tram Conductor) O.C. LOL 946 , Dromore
Pro by Bro Joseph Davison, sec by Bro R Lougher.

Herbert Stewart (Clerk) 62 Brougham St.
Pro by Bro John Forsythe, sec by Bro A. J. Turkington

Wm Adams (Political Inspector) 14 Rochester Street
Pro by Bro John Forsythe, sec by Bro R. J. Thompson

Robert Crawford (Shop Assistant) 2 Shankill Road
Pro by Bro Wallace Linton, sec by Bro John Sayers

Joseph E Harris (Shop Assistant) 2 Lisburn Avenue
Pro by Bro Wallace Linton, sec by Bro Theo Hillorr

No further business being to transact the Lodge was closed in prescribed form.

God Save the King

Joseph Davison W.M. pro tem
John Sayers Secretary

Orange Order raises funds for Children's Hospice

THE Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland has raised over £17,000 for a local children’s charity, following a major Loyal Order parade last year.

Northern Ireland Children’s Hospice was chosen by the Institution to be the main benefactor of the Ulster Covenant centenary celebrations in Belfast on September 29.

As well as collecting funds from the huge crowds which descended on the Stormont estate, many individual lodges across the Province contributed to the overall total by organising separate fundraising ventures.

The money raised will pay for Children’s Hospice community nurses who provide specialist care to children and young people in their own homes, across Northern Ireland.

Grand Master of the Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland, Edward Stevenson, said it was “humbling” for the Institution to help the many young people and their families who depend on hospice services.

He said: “It is both a privilege and an honour for the Orange Institution to support such a worthwhile cause.

“As well as commemorating a seminal event in the history of the British Isles, those in attendance at our memorable Ulster Covenant celebrations, and brethren through other fundraising initiatives, have left a lasting legacy to many families who depend on hospice care within the community.”

He added: “Children’s Hospice community nurses provide a vital and invaluable service, offering practical and emotional support for children and young people availing of hospice services. We hope this large donation will go a long way in helping Children’s Hospice to continue providing their special services.”

Director of Income Generation with the Northern Ireland Children’s Hospice, Siofra Healy, said: “Northern Ireland Children’s Hospice has to raise £2.5 million every year through public donations and fundraising events. We couldn’t do it without the ongoing support from all communities across Northern Ireland, and for that we are extremely thankful.”

Tuesday 5 February 2013

One Hundred Years On... Wednesday, 5 February 1913

Minutes, Wednesday, 5 February 1913

York L.O.L. 145
Clifton St Orange Hall
5th February 1913

The usual monthly meeting of this Lodge was held on above date, the W.M. Bro Edward Leathem presided, and Bro Joseph Davison D.M. occupied the Vice Chair.

The Lodge was opened in due form, and a portion of Holy Scripture was read by the D.M. and the Secretary having read the minutes of previous meeting which were confirmed, being signed by the W.M., the seal of the lodge being affixed thereto.

Re 12th July Band

The report of Lodge Committee meeting of 3rd inst being read was discussed in detail, the committee having reported that only one application was received from a Ban to accompany the Lodge at the coming July anniversary viz – from Nth Belfast Brass Band, and as this Band had already accepted engagement from another Lodge, it was pro by Bro R H Taylor, sec by Bro Josh Lougher, that the matter be left in the hands of the Secretary to engage a Band on the best possible terms, Passed.

Letter from Bro McMurray

A Letter of thanks was rec from Bro Chas McMurray thanking the Lodge for their letter of sympathy on the death of his father.

Re “Certificate’ Bro Ed Mencilly

An application from L.O.L. 96 P.A. U.S.A. was recd thru Grand Lodge, from the Certificate of Bro Ed Mencilly. The committee recommended that it be not granted, Bro Mncilly having been suspended for 9 mons and 2 years the latter not being expired, als for his treatment with contempt of Lodge Members and Lodge Circulars, Bro Taylor pro, Bro Davison D.M. sec that Committee recommendation be adopted, Passed.

Re “Suspension” Bro Wm Crawford

A communication from Bro W L Gilpin, that the suspension of Bro Wm Crawford be reconsidered, Bro Josh Lougher pro and Bro Far secd, that term of suspension be alld to run its course. Passed.

“Appeal” LOL 761 B-ward

An appeal was presented by Bro R Scott, on behalf of L.O.L. 761 Ballyward, Co. Down, to assist them in building an Orange Hall, near the scene of “Dolly’s Brae”, the committees recommendation that Lodge subscribe the sum of 10/6, was passed, on the pro of Bro Davison D.M. sec, by Bro R H Taylor.

Re “Presentation Collarettes” for Bro Curry, Graham, & Millar

The committee reported that as Bro Chas Curry and Bro Joseph Graham were leaving shortly for Canada the recommend that each of them be presented with a Collarette, Bro Geo Hawthorne pro, that recommendation be adopted, and that Bro George Millar be included as he was also shortly to depart for Canada, Bro Taylor having Seconded. The three Presentation Collarettes were passed that of Bro Graham to be ready for Friday the 7th inst.

Annual Re-Union

The WM requested all the brethren to remember that on Friday Evg inst, our Annual Re-Union would be held, and he hoped that it would be most successful, as everything for the enjoyment of all, had been looked after by the committee in charge.

Re “Ulster Council + W. B. Anti Home Rule Assoc”

A General discussion on the work being done by our Ulster Unionst Council, and the effort now being made by the new “West Belfast Anti Home Rule Association” to capture the seat once again for the “Union” were fully gone into, the W.M., the Treasurer, Bro Dr Merceir Clements, Bro Thos Johnston and Bro Robert Leath expressing their admiration for this timely work being done.


Messrs John I. Brown, Edward Craig, Thom Proctor and Andrew Harper, (Candidates) being in attendance were admitted, and initiated as members of the Loyal Orange Institution, Bro J. T. P. McKeowen and Bro Joshua Lougher acting as sponsors.

Re “Lodge Collarettes”

Bro R.H. Taylor pro, + Bro A Morgan sec, that committee report on supply of Collarettes necessary at Lodge Meetings. Passed.

Re “Letter of Condolence” Bro Linton

Bro Davison D.M. pro and Bro Joshua Lougher, sec that a letter of condolence be sent to Bro Wallace Linton on the death of a child. – Passed.

Re “Auditors Report for 1912

The Auditors report for the past year being in the hands of all members, the WM in congratulating the Lodge upon their splendid position, numerically and financially asked Bro W W Walshe the Auditor to move the adoption of the Report, Bro Walshe in doing so pointed out several important features in the report viz the great increase in Dues, which had been more than doubled during the past four years, also to the large amount disposed in Charity, to the erection of Orange Halls, and also in support of every propaganda for the benefit of the Union, having complimented the secretary and treasurer for the careful manner in which the a/cs had been kept, he moved (1st) that a Balance of £14-3/6 due by Lodge a/c to Treasurer, shd be transferred to ... out of Excursion a/c also that a sum of ^62.16.0 in hands of Treasurer as per excursion a/c, should be lodged in Bank, with these two items added to Report, he moved that the Report as Printed be adopted, this being seconded by Bro R Scott, was passed unanimously.

“Vote of Thanks” Tres + Secty

Bro Scott proposed that we tender our best thanks, and express our appreciation of the great labours of our Secretary and Treasurer in connection with all the affairs of our lodge, and especially their labour during the Douglas Excursion arrangements, the W.M. begged to associate himself with this note, which in his opinion was heartily deserved, and asked the brethren to pass it by acclamation, Bro Taylor returned his thanks for the compliment and Bro Lougher likewise.


The W.M. having to retire, the chair was occupied by Bro Davison and the Vice Chari by Bro R Dorman.

Bro John Tayers pro + Bro Wm Russell secd.
Bro Wm J Wilson (Pawnbroker) 37 Stranmillis Rd, OC from L.O.L. 1064 No. 5 Dist.

Bro S. J. P. McKeown, pro + Bro Geo A Dick, secd.
Bro Robert Chamlees (Builder) 123 Antrim Road OC from L.O.L. 869, No 7 Dist.

Bro Thoa H Farr, pro + Bro Wm H McIlroy secd.
Bro William O’Hara (Foreman) 16 Elswick St, OC from LOL 869, No 7 Dist.

Bro John Sayers, pro, + Bro Robert Lougher, secd
Bro Edward A Bradshaw (Compositor) 54 Eglinton St, OC from LOL 181, No 8 Dist.

No further business being to transact, the Lodge was closed in prescribed form.

God Save the King

Edward Lathem, W.M.
John Sayers, Secretary

Monday 28 January 2013

Orange Community Awards 2013 - Alan Campbell

Alan Campbell, Orangeman and Team GB Olympic Rower on receiving the Grand Masters Award at the Orange Community Awards. Accepting his award via video from training in South America.

Tuesday 1 January 2013

One Hundred Years On... Wednesday, 1 January 1913

Minutes, Wednesday, 1st January 1913

York L.O.L. 145
Clifton St Orange Hall
Wednesday 1st January 1913

The usual monthly meeting of the lodge was held on above date. Bro Edward Leathem W.M. presided and Bro Robert Levitt D.M. occupied the vice chair.

The Lodge was opened in prescribed form a portion of Holy Scripture being read by the Chaplain, and the minutes of previous meeting were read and passed.

The invitation from L.O.L. 1232 to attend Divine Service in the Cathedral, was after discussion, marked “read” on the pro of Bro Donnelly sec by Bro J. L. P. McKeown.

Widows Fund Concert

Tickets for ‘Widows’ Fund Concert were received and handed to Bro Taylor, for disposal, the WM requesting the hearty support of our Members in aid of same.

Lodge Committee Report on Candidates, McCormick Memorial, Re-instatement of Bro Wm Hart

The Lodge committees report on the candidates Messrs Brown, Craig, Proctor and Harper being favourable were passed for Membership, also that a sum of £3-3.0 be subscribed out of Lodge Funds to the “McCormick Memorial” and the application of Bro Wm Hart for re-instatement, he explaining by letter that owing to engagements on our night of meetings was unable attend, the committee recommended his re-instatement for 10/”, the same being paid on his behalf by Bro Harrison, Bro Davidson pro, and Bro Taylor sec, that the committee report be adopted. Passed.

Brass Band “12th July

Notice of Motion given by Bro George Hawthorne to engage a Brass Band for 12th July Anniversary only, having been seconded by Bro Sayers, was passed unanimously, and the secretary was instructed to advertise for same, and in the event of not being able to secure a Brass Band the best available “Flute Band” was to be engaged.

Installation of Officers

The installation of Officers for 1913 was proceeded with, that of Deputy Master being the only change, the WM then installed Bro Joseph Davison as Deputy Master for the ensuing year, he being duly elected thereto at the annual election of officers in September, Bro Davison thanked the Lodge for the honour conferred upon him, and Bro Scott the retiring DM also returned his thanks for the kindness shown to him during his term in office, and asked for the same kindness and support to his successor.


Wm Arthur Kerr, a candidate, being in attendance was duly initiated as a Member of the Loyal Orange Institution. Bro Glas Kirkwood, and A Thompson acting as Sponsors.

Municipal Election

Bro R Loughher mentioned that Bro Wm Lougher, and Bro W J Twaddell, the Alderman and Councillor respectively , for Court Ward, were seeking re-election, and proposed that their candidature be heartily endorsed and supported by the members of this lodge, this was seconded by Bro John Forsyth supported by Bro Joseph Davison DM and passed unanimously.

A report of annual Re-union to be held in Ye Olde Castle on Friday 7th Feb next, was given by the secretary and Bro Clotworthy disposed of a large numbers of tickets to the members, the WM hoped that this Re-Union would receive the personal support of all the members.

No further business being to transact, the Lodge was closed in the usual manner.

God Save the King

Edward Leathem, WM
John Sayers, Secretary


William John Twaddell, was re-elected to the City Corporation in 1913, later being elected to the Parliament of Northern Ireland for the constituency of Belfast West in 1921. He was murdered by the IRA on 22nd May 1922, on the way to his business as a Draper.

Jospeh Davison, (later Sir Joseph) became a prominent Unionist Politician and  Grand Master of Ireland.