Tuesday 5 March 2013

One Hundred Years on ... Wednesday, 5 March 1913

York L.O.L. 145
Clifton St Orange Hall
Belfast, 5th March 1913

The usual monthly meeting of this lodge was held on above date, Bro Edward Leathem W.M. presided and Bro Joseph Davison D.M. occupied the Vice Chair and was opened in prescribed form, Bro J A Donnelly having read a portion of Scripture, the minutes of previous meeting were read and passed.

Bro Linton’s letter of thanks

A letter of thanks was read from Bro Wallace Linton thanking the Lodge for their letter of sympathy in his recent sad bereavement.

Lodge comm’ Report

A report of Lodge committees meeting was read and their recommendations, as follows were passed (Candidates) Bro W J Wilson, Robert Chambers, Wm O’Hara, and Edward Bradshaw on the proposition of Bro Davison D.M., sec by Bro Taylor.

Appeal L.O.L. 502 Ardstraw

Appeal from L.O.L. 502 Ardstraw was referred back to committee on pro of Bro Sayers, sec by Bro Taylor.

Appeal L.O.L. 1941 Carnmoney

Appeal from L.O.L. 1941 Carnmoney marked “read”.

Invitation from L.O.L. 392 Maghermore to attend opening ceremony on Ester Monday, inst, was left to the favourable consideration of the members.

“Presentation Collar” to Bro Geo Millar

Bro George Millar was presented with a Collarette at Committee meeting, by Bro Davison D.M. on behalf of the Lodge, on the eve of his departure for Canada, Bro Millar suitably replied.

GOLI Emergency Fund “Refunded”

The subscriptions paid into the GOLI Emergency Fund by the members during the past year, having been returned to District, was now ordered to paid into the Sir Edward Carson Defence Fund, on the proposition of Bro Davison, sec by Bro Robert Lougher, the said Emergency Fund being now closed.

“Widows Concert Tickets”

The unsold tickets for Orange Widows Fund Concert was on the pro of Bro Sayers sec by Bro Joshua Lougher, order to be paid for out of Lodge Funds.

“U. V. Force” Declaration Forms

The Declaration Forms for the Ulster Volunteer Force were handed to the members, who enthusiastically subscribed their names to same, a further supply to be got for next meeting.

Douglas Excursion

The secretary was instructed to have the usual application made to the I.O.M. S.S. Co, for a steamer on 14th July next on the proposition of Bro Wallace Linton seconded by Bro Joshua Lougher.

“Band 12th July

The secretary reported that he had concluded an agreement with the Central Unionist Club Brass and Reed Band, to accompany our Lodge on 12th July next, for the Sum of Twelve Pounds and Refreshments.

“Drill Meetings”

The W.M. explained that the District had arranged for Drill meetings to be held on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Wednesdays of March, April and May, and hoped that our members would attend in large numbers.

“Presentation Collars” to Bro Curry and Graham

The W.M. at the part of the meeting presented to Bro Chas Curry, a Collarette on behalf of the Lodge and wished him every success in Canada to which he was going, at an earlier part of the meeting Bro Sayers said that a few of the members wished to give Bro Curry a further token of their esteem, and asked permission to receive subscriptions from those willing to participate in this movement, the W.M. granted the permission requested of.

Letters of condolence, Bro Lougher, Magill and Lewell

Letters of condolence were ordered to be sent to Bro R laugher, Bro E. J. Magill and Bro Robert Lewell in their sad bereavements.

“Visitor” Bro Rev Robinson Canada

Bro Rev Robinson from Canada, was an entertaining visitor during the evening, and received from the W.M. a very hearty welcome on behalf of the Lodge, Bro Robinson appropriately replied.

Annual Social

The W.M. also congratulated the Lodge on the success of their annual social, which he believed was a record for attendance, and he was delighted to know that it was such a splendid success, as everyone present had apparently enjoyed all the good things that were provided, he hoped that the members would further assist the committee by making their returns at the earliest moment.


The following candidates and new members were proposed and to remain on our books for report of committee for the usual time.

Wm H McGowan (Jeweller) 248 Woodstock Road
Pro by Bro John Sayers, sec by Bro Val Harrison

Bro John McSorley (Bank Porter) 16 Shubrook St oc L.O.L. 149 No 1 Dist.
Bro Frank Rea (Engineer) 18 Hastings St “ “ “ “
Bro David Maddon (Brass Founder) 58 Townsend St “ “ “ “
Bro Theo Agnew (Brass Finisher) 41 Upper Townsend St “ “ “ “
Bro Wm B Hunter (Shop Assistant) 31 Clifton Drive “ “ “ “
Pro by Bro Val Harrison, sec by Bro John Sayers

Bro Wm John McCormick, (Clothier) 7 Pakenham St, on application from L.O.L. 56 Portadown
Pro by Bro Wallace Linton, sec by Bro John Sayers

Victor Curry (Gasfitter) 80 Northbrook St
Pro by Bro Theo Johnston, sec by Bro John Sayers

Wm Foreman, (Linen Merchant) 31 Landseer St
Pro by Bro Wm L. Gilpin, sec by Bro Bro Theo Johnston

John Corker (Book-keeper) 68 Willowbank St
Pro by Bro Joseph Davison, sec by Bro R H Taylor

Wm J. Reid McCord, (Fitter) Glenmount Cottage, Carnmoney Road
Pro by Bro A. S. Turkington, sec by Bro John Forsythe

James Gow (Joiner) 10 Rosapenna St
Pro by Bro James Graham, sec by Bro John Forsythe

Bro John Yorall, 5 Corn Market, OC from LOL 457, No. 10 Dist
Bro Arthur Yorall, 14 Chilworth, Stranmillis Rd, OC “ “ “
Pro by Bro R. J. Harper, sec by Bro John Sayers

Bro Robert Bradley (Tram Conductor) O.C. LOL 946 , Dromore
Pro by Bro Joseph Davison, sec by Bro R Lougher.

Herbert Stewart (Clerk) 62 Brougham St.
Pro by Bro John Forsythe, sec by Bro A. J. Turkington

Wm Adams (Political Inspector) 14 Rochester Street
Pro by Bro John Forsythe, sec by Bro R. J. Thompson

Robert Crawford (Shop Assistant) 2 Shankill Road
Pro by Bro Wallace Linton, sec by Bro John Sayers

Joseph E Harris (Shop Assistant) 2 Lisburn Avenue
Pro by Bro Wallace Linton, sec by Bro Theo Hillorr

No further business being to transact the Lodge was closed in prescribed form.

God Save the King

Joseph Davison W.M. pro tem
John Sayers Secretary