Wednesday 20 February 2008

Upholding our right to express our British Identity in this part of the Kingdom

At the regular monthly meeting of Royal York 145 the following motion was proposed by Bro. Andrew Charles and seconded by W.M. Graham S. Barton:

"This lodge protests at the continued threat against our British identity in this part of the United Kingdom. We oppose the continued campaign to remove the symbols of our country at local councils across Ulster. We fully support the efforts of Grand Secretary Drew Nelson in protesting against such moves and call upon the loyal people of Ulster to rally behind this movement against the continued efforts by a minority to wipe Northern Ireland of its Britishness."

It was passed unanimously by Royal York members.

After what started a turbulent year beginning with Limavady Borough Council, where Sinn Fein Nationalist Councilors sought the removal of the symbols of our country and what has been repeated in Banbridge District Council; Royal York stands behind Grand Secretary W. Bro. Drew Nelson in his efforts to highlight this injustice and what is an insult to the loyal people of this province.

It is sad to see the continued attack on our culture and national identity in what has been deemed a 'New' Northern Ireland now that Sinn Fein are in Government.

This motion was passed at District Lodge (3) Level on 26th February 2008.
This motion was passed at County Lodge (Belfast) Level on 12th February 2008.