Sunday 31 January 2016

Roll of Honour of Members in Service in the Great War

2nd Lieu. Claud Arthur Leonard Walker, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
Killed in Action 11 July 1916, Battle of the Somme, aged 21.

In conducting research into the activities of the Lodge and it's members during the First World War, it became clear that there had been, at one time, a 'roll of honour' of members who had gone into service. This roll has been lost, and any printed versions also appear to have been lost in time. However the minutes of the meetings throughout the war still exist, and therefore, through research into those minutes we present a reconstructed 'Roll of Honour'. There are almost certainly names missing from this list, as it only pertains the named individuals in the minutes and references to total numbers in active service, far exceed the number of names to account for them.

Roll of Honour 1914 - 1919

John Andrews
Engine Room Artificer, HMS Tyne

William Cavan

Ernest Chambers
1633, Lance Corporal, D Coy, 14th Batt, Royal Irish Rifles, 36th Ulster Div.

Robert F Colville

John Corken
CQMS, B Coy, 18th Batt, Royal Irish Rifles

George Dawson

Robert Dickson

William Dickson

James Forbes
8998, Private, Irish Guards, 3rd Coy, 3rd Reserves

Andrew Garner
14/19498, Private, No 10 Section, 7 Platoon, B Coy, 14th Batt, Royal Irish Rifles (YCV)

James Gregg
Captain, Army Veterinary Corps

William A Hamilton
14759, Corporal, No 1 Coy, No 3 Platoon, 16th Royal Irish Rifles

James Hanna
Sergeant, 3rd Batt. Royal Irish Rifles

George Harris
1704, Trooper, North Irish Horse, D Squadron, No 13 Sandhill Camp

William Jordan
15/12932, QM Sergeant, 107/1 Trench Mortar Battery, 1 Coy, 15th Royal Irish Rifles

Samuel Jordan
Sergeant, 15th Batt, Royal Irish Rifles

William McClure
Royal Navy

Samuel McCollum

Leonard B Mills
17646, Private, B Coy, 8th Batt, Royal Irish Rifles (MM, Aug 1917)

Victor Morgan
CQMS, 122nd Field Coy, Royal Engineers

Alfred Morgan
14/15630, Sergeant, No 2 Platoon, D Coy, 14th Royal Irish Rifles (YCV)

Rowland Alexander Francis Naye
2601, Captain, Royal Highlanders, RIF, Royal Artillery, 95th Infantry, Indian Army

Alfred S Roper
1835, Private, Army Pay Corps, No 8 General Hospital, BEF, France

Thomas Russell

William Small

John T Storey

James Thornton
54/092954, Private, Army Service Corps, BEF, Salonica, Greece

George D Uprichard
QM Sergeant, B coy, 14th Batt. Royal Irish Rifles, BEF, France

John F Walker
1315, Private, 8th Batt. Royal Irish Rifles, 18 Camp, 36th (Ulster) Division

James B Wilson
Naval Reserve

And these brethren made the ultimate sacrifice.

Edward Brown
Lieutenant, Royal Irish Rifles
KIA 7 August 1917

Robert Crawford
14/6100, Lance Corporal, B Coy, 7th Platoon, 14th Batt, Royal Irish Rifles (YCV)
KIA 10 April 1918

James Alexander Donnelly
Second Lieutenant, 59th Squadron, Royal Flying Corps
KIA 31 March 1918

William Harper
57709, Sapper, No 7 Coy, Royal Engineers
Died of Effects of Gas Poisoning 25 July 1919

Henry Norman MacBride
285575, Gunner, Royal Garrison Artillery
Died 28 December 1917

David McKeown
14440, Private, No 3 Section, 9 Platoon, C Coy, 2nd Batt, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, BEF
KIA 27 September 1916

James Scott
14/15892, CSM, No 2 Coy, 14th Batt, Royal Irish Rifles (YCV) BEF, France
KIA 22 January 1917

Claud Arthur Leonard Walker
Second Lieutenant, 2nd Batt. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
KIA 11 July 1916