Monday 25 June 2012

Somme Remembrance Wreath Laying

Upcoming Parade

Somme Remembrance Wreath Laying
Monday, 2 July 2012
Assemble at Clifton Street @ 7:30 pm for 7:45 pm parade.

36th (Ulster) Division Memorial Parade & Service

Upcoming Church Service Parade

36th (Ulster) Division Memorial Parade & Service
Sunday, 1 July 2012
Assemble at Hopewell Avenue @ 2:15 pm for 2:30 pm parade.

No. 9 District L.O.L. 'Whiterock' Parade

Upcoming Parade

No. 9 District L.O.L. 'Whiterock' Parade
Saturday, 30 June 2012
Assemble at Glenwood Street @ 2:00 pm for 2:15 pm parade.

Friday 22 June 2012


Three of this year’s Twelfth demonstrations have been selected by the Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland for tourist flagship status.

The Twelfths in Enniskillen, Carrickfergus and Ballynahinch have been chosen to get extra support during the run up to the biggest festival in Northern Ireland.

Grand Orange Lodge Director of Services, Dr. David Hume said:
“The three venues impressed the judging panel because of their contacts with their local councils and other stakeholders and with a varied programme of events surrounding the Twelfth demonstration itself.
“One of the delegations seeking flagship status even brought council officers from their local authority to help lobby for the coveted flagship title. The move was seen as an increasing sign of the high level of co-operation at local level between organising districts and local authorities as well as the status which the title of flagship gives.
“The three districts selected put forward very professional and detailed submissions and clearly a lot of work has already gone into their plans. We look forward to training the Orange Welcome Hosts, who will act as ambassadors for the Orange Institution and its traditions on the Twelfth itself and helping to maximise the benefit which each district will get through conferment of this status.
“This is an Olympic year and the centenary year of the Ulster Covenant as well as the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, so it will be a memorable year generally and we wish Carrickfergus, Ballynahinch and Enniskillen districts every success in their plans.”
Tourism Minister Arlene Foster said:
“The Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland’s announcement today that it has selected Twelfth demonstrations in Enniskillen, Carrickfergus and Ballynahinch as flagship events is welcome news. The Flagship concept focuses on those parades that want to broaden their appeal to attract a tourism audience and I have no doubt that those involved in the three selected demonstrations will provide a varied and vibrant programme of events.
“This year offers unprecedented opportunities for tourism and, now that the three Flagship Parades have been selected, they can take their place in the Northern Ireland Tourist Board’s NI 2012 programme, along with the Scarva Sham Fight. The Twelfth of July parades will also be publicised on the NITB’s consumer website
“I look forward to attending the Flagship Parade in Enniskillen and wish the Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland every success with its preparations for the Twelfth.”


A new exhibition on the Ulster Covenant, was officially opened on Thursday, June 21, by Hugo Swire, M.P. Minister of State for Northern Ireland.

The exhibition will run from June to December at the headquarters of the Orange Order, Schomberg House in Belfast and will be at Somme Heritage Centre from July for a few months before travelling to other venues including the Donegal County Museum

The artefacts on display include one of the original Covenant printing plates, Lord Brookeborough's covenant, signed in blood, and the ink stand used by Carson at the City Hall (this on loan from Lord Bannside).

David Hume, Director of Services for the Orange Order, said:

“This is an extensive and significant exhibition which will highlight the story of the Home Rule period leading up to the Ulster Covenant.

“The Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland believes that the unionist community wants to have the opportunity to learn more about this period and reflect on it, hence the funding which has been committed to what is an extensive exhibition.

“We are also delighted to have a duplicate exhibition running for several months at the Somme Heritage Centre in Newtownards and look forward to working in partnership with the Centre and other smaller museums in future on such projects.

“The 1912 Covenant was a seminal development in modern Irish history and deserves to be remembered. We hope this exhibition will go some way towards that aim.”

Mr Swire said:
"I am delighted to open this exhibition on the Ulster Covenant which has been put together by the Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland. The Third Home Rule Bill and the Ulster Covenant, whose centenaries we mark this year, had a profound impact on the history of these islands.  Indeed the Covenant has often been described as the foundation stone of Northern Ireland.  I have often said that our approach to centenaries should be to promote greater education and understanding of what have in the past been controversial and divisive events.  I am confident that this exhibition, which contains some fascinating historical artefacts, clearly serves that purpose."

The Grand Master of the Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland, Edward Stevenson, said:
 "The Covenant shaped the future political and constitutional development of the island.
 "For the ordinary unionist, the significance of the Covenant was in giving a sense of security at a time when all they held dear was under threat. The fact that it was signed by 471,414 men and women showed how important they understood it to be a century ago.
“We are hopeful that many people will visit the exhibition and learn more about this very important time in our history. We are delighted that the Minister of State, Mr Swire, was able to officially open the exhibition.”

Monday 18 June 2012

Belfast Orange Hall United Districts (Tour of the North) Parade

Upcoming Parade

Belfast Orange Hall United Districts (Tour of the North) Parade
Friday, 22 June 2012
Assemble at Hopewell Avenue @ 7:00 pm for 7:30 pm parade.