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One Hundred Years On ... Wednesday, 4 June 1913

June 1913 Minutes (PDF)

York L.O.L. 145
Clifton Street Orange Hall
Belfast, 4th June 1913

The usual monthly meeting of this Lodge was held on the above date, Bro Edward Leathem W.M. occupied the chair, and Bro Davison D.M. the vice-chair.

The Lodge was opened in prescribed form, and Bro Rev Dr Walker read a portion of scripture.

The minutes of previous were read and passed.

Lodge Committee Report

A report of the lodge committee meeting held on 2nd inst was read by secretary, and they recommended for membership Messrs Albert Tipping, Ernest J. Chambers, William Murray, John H Kyle, Wm Atkinson, Alfred Milligan and Alex McCullough, also Bro Alex McKee, Bro Arthur Thompson and Bro Joseph Gilbert subject to receipt of certificates.
Bro Taylor pro, and Bro Harrison secd committee recommendations be adopted. Passed.

Dinner on 12th July

The report of such committee to arrange dinner on 12th July was given by secretary, who informed the lodge that they had engaged Dundela Mission Hall, there being no place available at Craigavon, also that Bro Robert Scott would cater as on previous occasions. Bro Davison pro and Bro Taylor secd that the best thanks of the Lodge be given the committee for their labours. Passed.

Bro Forsysthe and Walshe reported having attended a meeting of the East Antrim Rifle Club, and were appointed on the committee, it was resolved that the support of the Lodge be given to this Club.

Bro Annesleys Cert

The committee recommended that the application from Belgravia L.O.L. 1079 for Bro Hugh Annesley certificate be granted for 6/” (Dues 3/6 and Cert 2/6) passed.

Appeal Derriaghy L.O.L. 135

And that the appeal from Derriaghy L.O.L. 135 for assistance in erecting an Orange Hall, be acceded to. Bro Davison pro, and Bro R Lougher secd that Lodge subscribe 10/”. Passed.

Anniversary Services

It was resolved on the motion of Bro Lougher secd by Bro Sayers that we attend Devine Service under the auspices of No 3 District L.O.L. on Sunday the 6th July and that as many members as can attend the anniversary service on Sunday 29th June at 11-30 am in ST Mary Parish Church under the auspices of L.O.L. 1033, will do so.

New Collarettes R.A.P.C.

The recommendation of committee that the Lodge purchase 50 collarettes for R.A.P. Chapter 145, as per sample from Bro Wm Birdgett, @ 2/4 each was passed on the proposition of Bro Sayers secd by Bro John R Gasey. Said colarettes to be 1 3/8 yards and “York R.A.P.C. 145” be embroidered in silk on them.

This finished Lodge committees report and recommendations.


The following candidates being present were initiated as members of this Loyal Orange Institution, the Rev John H Spratt and W John B Wilson.


Bro Arthur Yorall, Bro John Yorall and Bro Robert Chambers on Transfer Certificates were enrolled as members of the Lodge.

R.A.P.C. Degree Meeting

The WM requested that all the brethren not having received the Arch Purple Degree would attend the meeting of the Arch Purple Chapter on Thursday Evening first.

Bro Molyneaux’s Certificate

An application was recd from L.O.L. 740 for the Certificate of Bro Wm Molyneaux, Bro Dr Walker pro, and Bro C Kirkwood secd that this be left over for report of Lodge Committee. Passed.

Sir Edward Carson Defence Fund

It was announced that the subscriptions to the Sir Edward Carson Defence Fund, should be paid at once as the Collectors Bro Linton and Hodgen were anxious to hand in the subscriptions at an early date.

Letter of Thanks

Letters were received from Bro Rev Dr Walker, and Bro George Hawthorne, thanking the Lodge for their letters of sympathy and condolence in their recent bereavement.

Re-Admission Bro Isiah Clements

Bro Thos Johnston pro and Bro Walshe secd that Bro Isiah Clements be re-instated fro 6/” after some discussion, the matter was referred to Lodge committee for Report.

Notice of Motion

The notice of motion standing in Bro Taylors name was taken up, Bro Taylor in proposing his motion asked leave to amend same by altering the word ‘affiliation’ to ‘transfer’ which was granted. The motion being seconded by Bro Joshua Tougher was discussed at considerable length and finally was withdrawn by Bro Taylor.


The following new members were proposed on transfer.
Bro James Kelly (Dairyman) Old Park Road, O.C. L.O.L. 148 Ballinderry
Pro by Bro John R Gracy, secd by Bro Chas Kirkwood
Bro Hamilton Robert Whitten (Clerk) 91 Bloomfield Ave, O.C. L.O.L. 395, Kinlough Co. Leitrim
Pro by Bro Wm Russell, secd by Bro John Allen

Douglass Excursion

The Excursion committee reported that they had charter the Empress Queen for the Annual Excursion to Douglas on Monday the 14th July, and that owing to a considerable increase in charter money the price of the tickets would have to be raised to 4/6. The W.M. expressed the opion that he was sure the Lodge was satisfied with the committees actions.

This concluded the business of the Lodge which was closed in due form.

God Save the King

Edward Lethem W.M.

John Sayers Secretary