Royal York Historical Society

1. Name:
1.1 The name of the Society shall be “The Royal York Historical Society”, hereafter referred to as ‘the Society’.

2. Object/Aims:
2.1 The aims of the Society shall be:
2.1.1 To promote the culture, heritage and history of the British Isles and in particular, Ulster.
2.1.2 To provide and undertake research, trips, lectures, entertainments, expeditions etc. in furtherance of the above.

From the Constitution of the Society

The Royal York Historical Society is an initiative of the Members and Friends of Royal York LOL 145 to investigate the Lands, People and Events surrounding the Lodge over the last two centuries of the Lodges existence.

Membership is open to anybody who has an interest in the History of the Lodge and its environment, Orangeism and Ulster in general.