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Royal York is a very old Lodge having been formed from the ranks of the York Fencible Regiment in 1796. The Regiment was stationed in Ulster to protect Britain from French invasion. During the ‘98 uprising the York Fencibles played a major role. In June 1798 the Regiment took part in the Battle of Saintfield and lost 56 officers and men [out of a total strength of 270]. The Regiment was disbanded in 1802 when some of it’s members joined the newly formed Rifle Brigade and fought with Wellington against Napoleon’s armies in Spain, France, and at Waterloo. However the Lodge remained in existence and the Lodge warrant (signed by the future King of Hanover, hence ‘Royal’) made its way back to Belfast where LOL145 has met ever since.

Historical Research

In conjunction with the Royal York Historical Society and the York Island Arts and Heritage Association, the Lodge has been researching, digitizing and publishing aspects of it's history.


Full Transcripts of Minutes from 100 years ago (Period of the Great War) (Ongoing)
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Wednesday, 1 January 1913
Wednesday, 5 February 1913
Wednesday, 5 March 1913
Wednesday, 2 April 1913
Wednesday, 7 May 1913
Wednesday, 4 June 1913
Wednesday, 2 July 1913
Wednesday, 6 August 1913

Wednesday, 4th March 1914
Wednesday, 1st April 1914
Wednesday, 6th May 1914

A General History of Royal York LOL 145 in the Great War

Roll of Honour of Members in Service in the Great War (Ongoing)

History of Past Masters of LOL 145, and Selected Biographies (Ongoing)

A History of the York Fencible Regiment of Infantry

List of Lodge Members from the First 150 years (1796 - 1946) (Ongoing)

Collection of Old Lodge Sashes and Memorabilia (Ongoing)

Biographies of Notable and Interesting Lodge Members (Ongoing)

Colonel Granville Anson Chetwynd-Stapylton
Alderman Edward Leathem PM
Hon. Sir Joseph Davison DL JP GM PM
Sir Robert John Rolston Harcourt JP MP, Lord Mayor of Belfast
Thomas Loftus Cole OBE MP
William John Twaddell MP
David Mercer Gorman Newburn MVO MBE
Captain James Gregg, Veterinary Surgeon OBE
Judge James R Gregg, Commonwealth Legal Officer
Dr Norman Laird OBE MP
Robert James Adgey, author of "Arming the Ulster Volunteers 1914"

Over 200 years and with the turmoil of partition, rebellion, and the "troubles", it is inevitable that items connected to the Lodge have gone missing, or ended up in the hands of private collectors and institutions. We are always keen to hear from those holding on to old Minute books, Roll books, Sashes, Collarettes and Jewels connected to the Lodge. Please contact us as any information is gratefully received: info@royalyork.org.uk