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One Hundred Years On ... Wednesday, 7 May 1913

May 1913 Minutes PDF

York L.O.L. 145
Clifton St Orange Hall
Belfast 7th May 1913

The usual monthly meeting of this Lodge was held on above date. Bro Edward Leathem W.M. presided and Bro Joseph Davison, D.M. occupied the Vice Chair.

The Lodge was opened in prescribed form and a portion of scripture read, the minutes of previous meeting were read and passed.

Report Lodge Committee Candidates

The report of Lodge committee was read by the secretary, a favourable report being recd on the candidates Rev J H Spratt and Mr John Wilson, also on Bro W B Hunter who was held over from previous meeting, it was passed on the committee’s recommendation that these names be sent forward to District for membership.

Expulsion Bro R Haskin

The committee had under their consideration a complaint against Bro Robert Haskin, 75 Carmel St that he had identified himself with the Gailic League and kindred societies, and was summoned to attend Lodge to show cause why expulsion or suspension should not be passed on him as he had informed Bro Turkington that he would not appear, neither would he sever his connection with these societies, the committee unanimously recommend he be expelled our institution. Bro R Tougher pro and Bro Storey secd “That he be expelled”. Passed.

Report Regalia Stewards

The Regalia stewards reported having examined the Lodge sashes and found only 49 in stock, the balance could only be partly accounted for, as owing to the members exchanging sashes, it was impossible to keep a count and they also had selected a number which were soiled to be cleaned and re-done up; there were also a number in the possession of members who were suspended, others had emigrated and about 130 out of 150 were traceable. Bro R H Taylor pro and Bro Forsythe secd that report be received and that secretary order 3 doz sashes at once. Passed.

No 3 District Benevolent Fund

Bro R Tougher reported that No 3 District L.O.L. had revived their Benevolent Fund, and requested that each Lodge should subscribe 1/= per month to same, the committee unanimously recommended that this should be done. Bro McKinney pro as an amendment that we subscribe 2/= per month this being secd by Bro Farr, was passed (by 25 votes to 23).

Committee 12th July Dinner

The committee recommendation that the arrangement for dinner on 12th July be left in the hands of Bro Scott, R Lougher, Dorman and Sayers was Passed unanimously.

Letters of Sympathy

Bro Joseph Davison pro and Bro R Scott seconded that letters of sympathy and condolence be sent to Bro Rev Dr Walker, on the death of his sister, also to Bro George, Edmund and Vic Hawthorne on the death of their father. Passed.


The following candidates being in attendance were duly initiated as members of the Loyal Orange Institution, Bro John Forsythe and Charles Kirkwood acted as sponsors. James Gow, Wm Adams, John Corker, Robert Crawford, Joseph E Harris, Victor Curry, Wm J R McCord, Herbert Stewart as the following on Certificate Bro Wm O’Hara, Wm J Gowdy, Thos Agnew and David D Madden.

East Antrim R.C.

A letter from the acting secretary of the East Antrim Rifle Club was read, notifying the opening of the season and requesting a large attendance of our members.

The W.M. having to retire the Chair was re-occupied by Bro Davison D.M.

Bro Joseph Grahams Letter

A letter was read from Bro Joseph Graham, who was now in Toronto, wishing good Luck to the Lodge, and all his old friends and informed them he was doing well.

U. V. Force Forms

The W.M. Bro Davison requested that any members holding U. V. Force Forms would return them at once, as 8 were still short and also made an earnest appeal to the members for subscriptions to the “Carson Defence Fund”.

Bro Adderly and Turly

The summons sent to Bro Adderly and Turly re their suspension, was held over for another month.

Report Annual Reunion

The report of Annual Social committee was again held over, owing to non-payment of tickets.

The W.M. Bro Leathem having returned, now reoccupied the Chair.

Notice of Motion Bro R H Taylor

Bro R H Taylor handed in Notice of Motion, - “That all members joining this Lodge on affiliation from any Lodge, uner the jurisdiction of Co Gd Lodge of Belfast, pay a Transfer fee of 5/=”.


The following Candidates and New Members were proposed and to remain on our books for the usual time, and committees report.

Alexander Tipping (Collar Cutter) 121 Crimca St and c/o Porers, Ahnes St.
Pro by Bro John Sayers, secd by Bro Leathem

Bro Alexander McKee, (Hacklemaker) 121 Westmoreland St. o.c. L.O.L. 940 Gilford Co. Down
Pro by Bro Joshua Tougher, secd by Bro J. L. Robinson

Ernest Chambers (Clerk) 123 Antrim Rd and c/o Clyde Shipping Co
Pro by Bro W H McIlroy, secd by Bro Thos H Farr

Bro Arthur Thompson (Printer) 17 Castlereagh Place, o.c. L.O.L. 1934 No. 6 District.
Pro by Bro John Allen, secd by Bro Wm Russell

Wm Murray (Joiner) 48 Glenallen Street
Pro by Bro Wm R Russell, secd by John Allen

John H Kyle (Upholsterer) 127 Bray St. amd c/o M Mayers
Pro by Bro John L Brown, secd by Bro Wallace Linton

Wm Atkinson (Upholsterer) 6 Florida St, and c/o J Arnott & Co.
Pro by Bro Robert Michell, secd by Bro John Sayers

Bro Joseph S Gilbert (Druggist) 112 Grosvenor St, and c/o 132/134 Grosvenor St
Pro by Bro James McGarrell, secd Bro John Martin

Alfred Milligan (Wacherman) 8 Cooke St, and c/o Thos Somerset
Pro by Bro Jospeh Davison, secd by Bro John Forsythe

Albert McCullough, (Dairyman) up Ballysillan
Pro by Bro Robert Scott. Secd by Bro R Lougher

No further business begin to transact the Lodge was closed in due form

God Save the King

Edward Leathem W.M.

John Sayers Secretary