Tuesday 19 December 2006

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the Worshipful Master, Officers and Brethren of Royal York Loyal Orange Lodge Number 145.

Sunday 26 November 2006

"Ulster My Home"

We're still collecting poems and song of Orange and Patriotic meaning for our online compendium, here's one of my favourites so far.


Ulster my home
I’ll leave you never
Ulster my home
Sweeter than ever
Though far I may roam
The bonds never sev’re
Ulster my home
Ulster forever.

Now the steep glens of Antrim
Keep calling to me
The county of Derry
I’m longing to see
The hills of Fermanagh
Armagh and Tyrone
The sweep of the down land
Keeps calling me home.


The blue sky above me
The deep rolling sea
The green velvet meadows
The soft blowing breeze
The old village church bells
How sweetly they chime
The rose covered cottage
The wild mountain tyme.


Sunday 22 October 2006

Video of the Moment III

Expert piper Grahame Harris performs in the tent of York Loyal Orange Lodge No. 145.

Wednesday 18 October 2006

Picture of the Moment II

Councillor Mark Dunn (Deputy Mayor of Larne), Brother Graeme Smyth and Brother Graham Barton march into battle against York (!) at the Saintfield Liberty Days Festival, again dispite the weather.

Thursday 12 October 2006

"We Soldiers of York"

We've started the process of collecting together a selection of Orange and Loyalist songs on the internet. To celebrate the start of this venture we present a new song from the recent play "Who Dares to Speak", which maybe was sung my Yorkshire men as they entered Saintfield, to meet a grusome end...

(Tune – “Croppies Lie Down)

We soldiers of York,
So proud of that name,
We wear the white rose
With pride and with fame

We’ll fight all the Frenchmen
And trounce em in gore
As our forefathers did
In the old days of yore

For King and for country
We’ll raise up our toast
And drink the defeat
Of the whole rebel hoste

Down down, Frenchies lie down

Our white rose is lovely,
It’s petals so pure
It flowers neath the sun
Of our Hannovers sure

Our stem is it is strong
But beware of our thorn
Lest by it sharp edge
Rebel flesh should be torn

Our loyalty’s strong and
Our staunch hearts obey
The call of the nation
The battle to sway

Down, down rebels lie down.

Saturday 30 September 2006

Video of the Moment II

The last 2 minutes of the live Twelfth brodcast on the BBC with Gordan Lucy, Cliford Smith and Walter Love, covering York at the end of Donegal Pass, in front of City Hall. Provided by Luton and Bedfords Lambeg Drumming Website.

Wednesday 20 September 2006

Queens Lodge Annual Ulster Day Service

Rising Sons of William, Queen's L.O.L. 1845

The 1845 Annual Ulster Day Service will this year take place in the Co Antrim village of Glenavy.

It will be held on Sunday 24th September 2006, in Glenavy Methodist Church.
All brethren are asked to assemble at Glenavy Protestant Hall, located on the Main Street in the Village at 2.30pm for a short parade to the church for 3.00pm service.

The Speaker will be the churches own minister Rev Lesley Spence.

All brethern of associated lodges of 1845 are invited to attend so members of 145 are most welcome.


Video of the Moment

Lee Lawson provides a demonstration of expert drumming in our tent on the 12th July 2006.

Sunday 10 September 2006

Reformation Service 2006

County Grand Orange Lodge of Belfast
Reformation Service - Sunday, 29th October 2006

Ulster Hall, Belfast at 3.00 pm.

Service Conducted by: Rt. Wor. Bro. Rev. Dr. Victor H Ryan MA., Ph.D., Imperial Grand Chaplain

Preacher: Wor. Bro Rev. Ronald R Johnstone, Deputy County Grand Chaplain


Thursday 7 September 2006

Picture of the Moment

Brother David Cather and Brother Councillor Christopher Stalford, good friends of 145 enjoy the 2006 Rosknowlagh procession, dispite the weather!

Monday 4 September 2006

Righteousness, the Order, Parades and the ECHR

This is an article from the Orange Standard which I prepared on the current Grand Lodge position on engagement with the parades commission.

The ECHR (European Convention on Human Rights) is the corner stone of our legal system. It was created in the aftermath of the Second World War, as a safeguard, to avoid the legalised genocide that had taken place and to set a standard of justice in the new European order. From this convention, we get a lower limit on our law, a line in the sand, past which no signatory can cross.

Though our parliament is supreme and no sitting can bind its successors, our political dynamics mean that it is impossible to repeal the Human Rights Act, since to do so, is basically to acknowledge that the country denies its citizens basic human rights.

This is why there is a new impetus in our attentions towards the ECHR which states in article 11:
Freedom of assembly and association

  1. Everyone has the right to freedom of peaceful assembly and to freedom of association with others, including the right to form and to join trade unions for the protection of his interests.
It is a right, which along with Article 9 (Freedom of thought, conscience and religion) and Article 10 (Freedom of expression), are central to a democratic society. It must be acknowledged that there will be those who do not wish to hear what others have to say, or would rather impose their will on us, but that is why these rights exist. If you were only allowed to assemble, or make a speech if those around you liked what you had to say, there would be no need for a law upholding that right!

That is why the convention is the base from which all the laws which govern us must stem. Every law, every arm of government must adhere to the basic fundamental rights given to us via the ECHR. This is why we condemn the Parades Commission as an Illegal and Immoral Quango.

The Parades Commission was created by an Act of Parliament, which granted it powers which remove from us the basic rights which the rest of the signatories enjoy. There is no halfway house were Human Rights are concerned, they are not a dirty word, or a blurry concept, they are the very basic rights which were hammered out in the late 1940’s to insure that the tyranny of the previous 20 years would never happen again.
The Oranges battle against the Parades Commission is not simply for our benefit, it is for the liberty of all. As the very motto of our Institution states:
“Civil and Religious Liberty for All not Some”
When government forges the first links in this chain, it binds every one of us. The Parades Commission is a body set up for the express purpose of denying our Human Rights without getting the hands of the Government or the Police dirty in the process. It is a vile example of some of the most illiberal laws created by our current government and in addition to being an attack on the very core beliefs of our institution, to which every Orangeman and every citizen must be aware.

The test cases now being taken by the order will be successful because they are in the right, both legally and morally; all that is required is our support. Burkes words are as applicable today as they were 200 years ago:
“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing”

Tuesday 29 August 2006

Crossing the Boyne!

This is going back a few years, but I found this picture of the Lodge on Boyne bridge which I thought you might find interesting.

Wednesday 23 August 2006

Welcome to York!

Welcome to our improved website! Feel free to look around.
York is a lodge with a great deal of history, far more than we could record on this site, but we've tried to give you a taste of what we have done. We do not rest on our laurels however, and we are always engaged in new projects and activities which keep us one of the most active lodges in Ulster.
Remember to check back often, as our new page layout means more updates more often, and more information on one of the oldest, most active, and most unique of Orange lodges.

Fraternally yours,
Bro. Graham Barton DM

Sunday 30 July 2006

The 12th July 2006 celebrations with Royal York L.O.L. 145

Here is a selection of video clips from the 12th July 2006 with Royal York LOL 145. Including entering the field and drumming in the tent.

Monday 10 April 2006

About Royal York LOL 145

York L.O.L. 145 is a very old and traditional lodge. It is also a very friendly lodge with a strong series of family connections extending down the years.York has always had been strong in support of the core beliefs of Orangism, particularly Civil and Religious liberty for all. Coupled with this tradition, York has also sought to develop new and exciting ways of promoting Orangism.

For more detailed information visit our History Page.

Thursday 30 March 2006

Current Projects

York L.O.L. 145 is involved in several projects, outlined here.

'Brethren in Arms' - An ongoing project, and theme for this 2008 Twelfth of July celebrations to mark the contribution of members of the Loyal Orange Institutions in military and civil policing service at home and abroad. A website is to be launched soon hosting video recorded interviews with distinguished brethren and historians and reading information.

The Loyal Orange Songbook - A collection of songs for Unionists, Orangemen, Loyalists and Ulster Patriots. Available in an online format. Made in conjunction with Kinallen Purple Star LOL 247, Rising Sons of William (Queen's) LOL 1845, and us at York.

The Royal York Website - An ongoing project, creating a community based website for the lodge.

The Saintfield Festival - A yearly festival, involving a large input from York, Cross of St. Patrick (LOL 688) and local saintfield lodges, as well as Down District Council and the Ulster-Scots Agency. Overseen by the York Island Arts and Heritage Association.

The Orangefest Inititive - The Lodge has been heavily involved in changing the face of the main 12th day processions in Belfast, specifically in the addition of Floats, and of a more organised atmosphere at the field.

For more information on current, or new projects, check out our Home Page

Friday 10 March 2006

Gallery Menu

Here we present a pictorial record of some of the events, with which York has been involved.

Visit our Photos on Flickr


Royal York L.O.L. 145's photosMore of Royal York L.O.L. 145's photos

Our work with Lynx productions on the movie of our lodge history "Brethren in Arms".
The Glorious 12th of 2004 in pictures.
The 12th of July 2006 with York's "History Float".
A record of our second dinner in the House of Lords.
The 12th 2006, from our brethren in Luton and Bedford. (external)

Tuesday 14 February 2006

Join York

If you are interested in joining the institution in general, or York in particular then contact us.By giving your details to Schomberg House (the Home of Orangism in Ireland) at

Schomberg House
368 Cregagh Road

+44 (0) 28 9070 1122