Sunday 22 October 2006

Video of the Moment III

Expert piper Grahame Harris performs in the tent of York Loyal Orange Lodge No. 145.

Wednesday 18 October 2006

Picture of the Moment II

Councillor Mark Dunn (Deputy Mayor of Larne), Brother Graeme Smyth and Brother Graham Barton march into battle against York (!) at the Saintfield Liberty Days Festival, again dispite the weather.

Thursday 12 October 2006

"We Soldiers of York"

We've started the process of collecting together a selection of Orange and Loyalist songs on the internet. To celebrate the start of this venture we present a new song from the recent play "Who Dares to Speak", which maybe was sung my Yorkshire men as they entered Saintfield, to meet a grusome end...

(Tune – “Croppies Lie Down)

We soldiers of York,
So proud of that name,
We wear the white rose
With pride and with fame

We’ll fight all the Frenchmen
And trounce em in gore
As our forefathers did
In the old days of yore

For King and for country
We’ll raise up our toast
And drink the defeat
Of the whole rebel hoste

Down down, Frenchies lie down

Our white rose is lovely,
It’s petals so pure
It flowers neath the sun
Of our Hannovers sure

Our stem is it is strong
But beware of our thorn
Lest by it sharp edge
Rebel flesh should be torn

Our loyalty’s strong and
Our staunch hearts obey
The call of the nation
The battle to sway

Down, down rebels lie down.