Wednesday 16 September 2015

Lodge seeking Band for 12th July 2016

LOL 145 are seeking a Band to lead us in parade on the 12th July 2016.

This will be an exciting year for the annual Twelfth demonstration in Belfast where a particular emphasis will be placed on the centenary commemorations of the Battle of Somme.

We parade from Belfast Orange Hall, Clifton Street to Barnett's Demesne and back again, a total distance of approx 10 miles.

We stay in the field during the break, and shelter and refreshments are made available.
In 2016 LOL 145 will be among the first Lodges in the procession as the oldest Lodge in the first District (No 3) in the parade order.

We would be willing to consider Bands from across the Kingdom, and feel we could present an attractive proposal for those wanting to take part in the Belfast procession this year only, or seeking a permanent 12th engagement.

For more information, or to make contact, please PM on facebook, or e-mail:

Royal York LOL 145