Tuesday 2 April 2019

An Address by Miss Grace Roe (Suffragette), April 1919

The following is an extract from our Lodge minute book from 100 years ago.


Address by Miss Grace Roe

At close of Lodge meeting held on Wednesday the 2nd April 1919, Bro Dr Marcus Clements introduced Miss Grace Roe, a member of the Women’s Political Party and one whom had done yeoman work for her party, and was now doing equally good work for our Coalition and Unionist Government.

Miss Roe who was warmly welcomed spoke on what women had done during the war, their efforts in S Wales and other industrial cities in preventing strikes, and helping out army in Flanders, the principal plank of the woman’s party platform, was the “Union between England and the rest of the British Empire, watching the Vatican, and a knowledge of the Irish Question, on International Finance, and the Finances of the Socialist Party, were all captured by the Vatican and Germany. Irish Roman Catholics were being urged to join a Centre Labour Party.

The Women’s Party beside doing a good work during the war in munitions and other activities, had owing to the franchise being extended to them, voted Bolshevik Labour at the General Election.
The utter futility of shop stewards, Bolshevik committees and the attempts of Sein Fein to form with Labour were fully exposed, and the pamphlet issued by the Irish Transport Union Each for all and all for each was an example of the methods employed generally.

Miss Roe displayed an intimate knowledge of the many social questions of the day, and at the close of her address, was thanked very warmly by the WM for her entertaining and instructive address.
Bro Davison DM, proposed that the best thanks of the meeting be accorded to Miss Roe which was seconded by Bro R Tougher and passed by acclamation.

Miss Roe suitable replied, and thanked the Lodge for the opportunity given her to address a meeting of Orangemen.

God Save the King

John Sayers


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