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One Hundred Years on ... Wednesday, 4th March 1914

YORK L.O.L. No. 145
Clifton Street Orange Hall.
4th March 1914

The usual Monthly Meeting of this Lodge was held on the above date, the WM. Bro. Edward Leathem presided and Bro. Joseph Davison DM occupied the Vice Chair.

The Lodge having been opened in due form, the Chaplain. Bro. Rev. Dr. Walker read A portion of Scripture and the minutes of previous meeting were read and passed.

Lodge Committees Report on 'Candidates'

A report of Lodge Committee meeting held on Monday the 2nd inst., was read by Secretary and the following recommendations were made for approval.  Bro. Wm. Girvan O.C. from L.O.L. 920 Messrs. Robert Cathcart, I. A. White, Wm. Arnold & Mr. Alfred S. Roper, were recommended for membership and on the pro. Of Bro. Storey, seconded by Bro. Josh Tougher were passed.

Re Certificates Bro Millar and Wright

Applications were received for the certificates of Bros. George Millar & David Wright. Bro Joseph Davison pro. And Bro. Taylor seconded that recommendation of com' be adopted.   Bro. Miller’s cert. be granted free and Bro. Wrights for 5/- & cert 2/6.

Annual Re-union report

The Committee asked for a full return of tickets & cash for the annual reunion, the WM in requesting the members to attend to this, complimented the Lodge on the success attending this function, which in his opinion eclipsed all previous Socials held under the auspices of our Lodge.  This concluded Lodge Committee report.

GOLI Circular re UVF

A circular was read from G.O.L. Ireland, by the direction of the Imperial Grand Master, inviting the attention of every member to the crisis near at hand and that it was the duty of everyone who had signed the Covenant to come forward and take his place in the ranks of the Ulster Volunteer Force. Several members applied for forms of the U.V.F. and the Secretary was instructed to apply for same.

Letter CGL Belfast re Rev John Moran

A letter was read from D. Grand Sec., Co. Grand Lodge of Belfast notifying District Secretary that permission had been granted to our Lodge to re.ballot for Bro. Rev. John H. Moran.

Letter '154' certificate Bro Geo Morris

L.O.L. 154 wrote that the certificates Orange & Arch Purple of Bro. George Morris would be granted for 5/- and 2/6 respectively.

Re-instatement Bro Sam Dumican

The Secretary reported that Bro. Samuel Dumican an old member of this Lodge who had not been able to attend for several years past owing to business and other matters wished to identify himself once more with “145”. Bro.Sayers pro.& Bro. Thos. Johnston seconded that he be re-instated for 20/- ( This sum being Mentioned by himself)  Passed.


Bro. Henderson L.O.L. 89 Portadown was admitted as a visitor on the pro of Bro. Davison, seconded by Bro. Linton and received a hearty welcome from WM on behalf of the Lodge.


Mr. Joseph McBride being in attendance was admitted and initiated into the Loyal Orange Institution, Bros. Clotworthy and Russell acting as sponsors.


The following candidates were proposed and to remain on books for Committees Report.

Mr. Ernest Angus Ritchie (Tobacconist) 48 Holywood Road. Pro. By Bro. A.McCullough seconded by Bro. Robert Scott.
Mr. Wm. Morgan (Book-keeper) 32 Lothair Avenue.
Mr. Samuel Gore (Cashier) 9 Willowbank St. Pro. By Bro. Victor Morgan, seconded by Bro. John Forsythe.
Mr. John Cupples (Warehouseman) 10 North Parade. Pro. By Bro. R. Tougher, seconded by Bro. Jas. Anderson.
Mr. Wm. J. Hobson (Engineer) 21 East Street.  Mr. Wm. Small (Grocer) 21 East Street Pro. By Bro. John Hallidayt, seconded by Bro. Geo. Hobson.
Mr. John Thompson.(Pawnbroker) 17 Castlereagh Place. Pro. By Bro. John Allen, seconded by Bro. Wm. Russell.
Mr. John Townsley (Iron Turner) 48 Roe Street. Bro. Jas Megarrell, Seconded by Bro. John Martin.

This concluded the business of the Meeting and the Lodge was closed in prescribed form.

God Save the King.

Edward Leathem. WM
John Sayers.  Secretary.