Thursday 17 June 2010

2010 North Belfast Parade

A statement regarding tomorrows North Belfast Parade from United Districts.

The Chairman, Officers and members of the United Districts Committee note with disgust that their Civil and Religious Liberties have again been denied to them by the unelected and undemocratic government quango known as the Parades Commission by curtailing the traditional route of this bi-annual parade, however, this will not detract from our celebration of Orange and British Culture on Friday 18th June 2010.

The organisers of the above Bi-Annual Parade of the Oldpark Road, Duncairn Gardens and Tigers Bay areas cordially invite those interested to come and join in this celebration of Orange and British Culture on Friday 18th June 2010, leaving Carlisle Circus at 7.30 p.m.

Twenty bands will accompany Orange Brethren & Sisters from the Belfast Orange Hall, Clifton Street, Ligoniel Orange Hall and North Belfast Memorial Orange Hall, Alexandra Park Avenue on this bi-annual parade.

We would encourage the whole family to come and join us in our celebrations and enjoy the atmosphere of a traditional Orange Parade. In keeping with the traditions and principles of the Orange Institution, the organisers would strongly discourage the consumption of any Alcoholic Drink along the route of the parade. It is illegal to consume alcohol in a public place and we have been advised by the Police that they will be taking a very pro-active stance on this issue.

The organisers of this Parade strongly agree with the Police Policy and that of Belfast city Council on Alcohol in public places. We want the whole community to enjoy the spectacle of an Orange Parade free from the threat of drunken behaviour.

Come out on Friday 18th June and celebrate your culture in the way that reflects its principles.

Stephen McAlister
Organising Secretary.

Further Details can be obtained from the Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland Public Relations Officer.

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