Wednesday 8 July 2009

5 Days to the "Twelfth"


The parade to mark the 319th anniversary of the Battle of the Boyne will leave Belfast Orange Hall, at Carisle Circus, at 10.00am, Monday, 13 July 2009.

The Miller Memorial Flute band will lead the parade as it makes its way along Clifton Street, Donegal Street, Royal Avenue, Castle Junction, Donegall Place to Belfast City Hall.

A wreath laying ceremony will take place at the City Hall and the parade will then proceed via Donegal Square West, Bedford Street, Dublin Road, Shaftsbury Square, Bradbury Place, Lisburn Road, Balmoral Avenue and Malone Road to Barnetts Demense.

It is expected that 70 bands will take part in the parade.

A service of thanksgiving will be conducted by Dr. Victor Ryan, Imperial Grand Chaplain and the guest speaker will be Dawson Baillie, Belfast County Grand Master.

In the Twelfth booklet, Mr Baillie said:

“I have been delighted to see so much restoration work being carried out in our Orange Halls. However, despite the so called peace process, the enemies of Ulster continue to attack our halls with many of the attacks not being reported. But I would encourage our brethren to continue with the good work.

“We have progress on one hand but on the other we still have the disliked and discredited Parades Commission, but it is to be hoped that the government will soon see the error of its ways and remove it from our midst.

“Over recent years we have been endeavouring to make the Twelfth a family day out with some success. As well as the traditional service of thanksgiving at the field we have been providing some entertainment and we would encourage families and friends of our brethren to come and join us and make the day a wonderful success.”

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