Saturday 11 July 2009

2 Days to the "Twelfth"


This year’s 'Battle of the Boyne' Anniversary Celebrations in Belfast on 13 July will be complemented by a full day of activity in the City Centre. Lamp posts will be adorned with banners and a leaflet produced jointly by Belfast Orangefest and Belfast City Centre Management will outline details of the Procession route, Shop opening times, Transport arrangements and On-Street entertainment.

The Orange procession will pass through Royal Avenue, Donegall Place, Donegall Square West and Bedford Street between 10am and 12:00pm, with the City Centre shops opening between 12:30pm and 4:30pm. During this afternoon period, world class street entertainment will take place, providing an array of dazzling performance artists from around the globe.

Star performers visiting Belfast include:
• The Von Trolley Quartet from Australia
• Mario, Queen of the Circus from the U.S.A.
• The Strangelings will present The Gaiety Engine

Street performance shows are scheduled on the hour from 12.30 to 4.30 in
• Cornmarket / Arthur Square
• In front of Castlecourt Shopping Centre, Royal Avenue
• Rosemary Street
• Fountain Street

A U105 roadshow will operate outside Castlecourt Shopping Centre between 11:30am and 2:30pm,

The Orange Parade will return through the city centre at approximately 5:00pm.

Translink are providing Metro and Train Services on 13 July 2009, which are above the normal level of public holiday services, and more frequent than Sunday services.
• At least half-hourly on all corridor services
• Hourly services on some non-core routes which don’t have a Sunday service

Tom Haire, Chair of Belfast Orangefest, said:

" We are looking forward to a wonderful celebration as we welcome visitors from around the world to our annual 12th festivities and celebrations. The Orange Institution in Belfast is pleased to support the opening of the city retailers, especially in the present economic climate and we would encourage all in the City Centre on 13th July to enjoy the parade and enjoy the shopping".

Andrew Irvine, Belfast City Centre Manager, said:

“We have been pleased to facilitate a true partnership between Orangefest and Belfast Chamber of Trade & Commerce. The result of this good work will be day of pageantry, entertainment and performance. This setting provides an ideal environment for the city’s retailers to open their business and enjoy high levels of footfall. While this is the first time that Belfast Chamber of Trade & Commerce has asked its members to open for business on The Twelfth, some 80% of city centre retailers have committed to opening. I do believe that over the period of the day, there is something for everyone and all the ingredients for a great family day-out.

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