Saturday 6 September 2008

Get a Website for your Lodge

From as little as £20/yr from Royal York
  • Advertise Lodge Events.
  • List Lodge Histories and Genealogy.
  • Recruit new members.
  • Keep in touch with lost brethren.
  • Join the growing Orange Internet presence.

As you can see L.O.L. 145 is very keen on increasing the online orange presence, and we're proud to offer that service to other lodges and preceptories. Website are really the only completely controllable medium of getting your message to the wider world. TV, Radio and Newspapers are all bias in one way or another, websites are a cheap, totally customisable way of communicating, especially to younger prospective members.

For as little as £20/yr we'll create a website with a or (like this one), and fill it with any information you provide. We'll also update it with any information you want and give advice on our experience with ours.

Visit some of our portfolio of sites we have created for other organisations.

Queen's Democratic Unionist Association

Queen's Orange Society

Queen's Ulster Society

Queen's Ulster-Scots Society

For more information, or to arrange to get a website for your lodge or other organisation send us an e-mail on

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