Friday 6 June 2014


Responding to the Parades Commission’s decision preventing Ligoniel Orangemen from completing last year’s Twelfth of July parade in north Belfast:

A Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland spokesman said:

“The latest Twaddell initiative was a genuine and sincere attempt to resolve this longstanding issue, and reach an equitable solution allowing our Ligoniel brethren to complete their Twelfth parade. 
Six minutes is all it will take for the Ligoniel lodges and accompanying bands to process peacefully along the main arterial route of the Crumlin Road. It is therefore hugely disappointing, despite numerous overtures and indeed dialogue with Ardoyne residents, that the Parades Commission chooses to blatantly ignore the concept of shared space in north Belfast and has bowed once again to the threat of republican violence. 
Despite this setback, the Orange family and our Unionist partners involved in the Civil Rights Camp remain determined to resolve this issue.”