Sunday 2 May 2010


Speaking in Castlederg on Saturday night, May 1, at the unfurling of a new Banner for LOL 379, the Immediate Past Grand Master, the Rev. Martin Smyth said:

"Apathy, so-called, should not prevail.  We must shake off our disillusion with politics caused by the greed of our century and the broken promises of erstwhile leaders."

He urged citizens, irrespective of colour, class or creed to vote for the candidate, irrespective of Party, who best represented their wish to remain as citizens of the United Kingdom and enjoy the prosperity and privileges of such citizenship.

“The real victory for Northern Ireland in this election will not be the number of seats won, no matter how important that may be.  Rather it will be the number of votes cast for the Union and the benefits which flow there from,” he said.

“This election has been billed by some as a battle between Orange and Green.  Within the Orange family we do not see it as such; for the Williamite forces at the Boyne proudly wore green ribbons to distinguish them from the Jacobites wearing white markers.

“Indeed those, who criticise us as a Christian organisation for being involved in politics, often display split personalities.  They regularly seek such support from religious bodies or as has occurred already in this election received direction from a powerful religious lobby through Roman Catholic bishops.

“The Orange Institution seeks to uphold the Reformed principles of liberty enshrined in the Williamite tradition which has benefitted all in the Commonwealth of Nations and the United States of America.

“Thus we encourage our members and supporters to exercise their franchise which our forefathers won for us.  To abstain may cause us to rue the day when we allowed others to be elected to rule over us. “

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