Sunday 18 March 2007

Distinguished Brethren

The members of “York” have come from all walks of life: - Merchants, Artisans, the Medical Profession, the Law, Journalism and the Church. With such a varied source of members the lodge can boast many distinguished men who have been associated with it.

Notable amongst these was Wor. Brother Sir Joseph Davison, D.L.. He was Grand Master of Ireland from 1941 until 1948 and Imperial Grand Master for the Orange Council of the World from 1937 until 1948 the year in which he died.

Wor. Brother Barlow who was an authority on Orange History, also was Deputy Master of the Grand Lodge of Ireland and the Orange Council of the World.

Brother Robert J. Adgey, a good member of “York”, was one of the original planners of the famous gun running expedition. His work during those critical days brought him in contact with Ulster’s famous leader Lord Carson and Viscount Craigavon.

The lodge can boast many politicians in its history. It has had two Lord Mayors of Belfast. Wor. Brother Walter Johnston, P. M., Brother George Hall, Brother J. Harcourt and Brother T. L. Cole had all served in the Belfast Corporation, the latter also being a member of the Northern Ireland Parliament. Dr. Norman Laird, OBE also served as a member of the Northern Ireland Parliament.

In modern times, the lodge has a membership as varied from students and old age pensioners to peers of the realm.

Wor. Brother Lord John Laird of Artigarvan is a member of the lodge, as well as a crossbencher in the House of Lords, and is well known for his works for the Ulster-Scots agency. He was also (before its prorogation) a Member of the Northern Ireland Parliament.

Wor. Brother. Lord Dennis Rogan of Lower Ivegh is also a member of the lodge and was given his peerage at the same time as Lord Laird. He has been involved with politics in the Ulster Unionist Party for many years, serving as Secretary to the party and being its leader in the Lords.